About Right Wing Philosophy

Right Wing Philosophy was begun during the autumn of CXXVII ANNÓ LVPI as a response to the increasing prevalence of shills and traitors posturing and perverting from within the all-too-liberally-conceived notion of "the political right".

It is Our Mission to provide and foster all support necessary for the winning of this Struggle for the True Right, that is, according to among other things the Law of Hierarchy - our Practical Action guided by our understanding of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth.

Our pure and gleaming new faceberg page mocks would-be censors defiantly here, our new Minds account can be found here, and our secure private email is:


Writers & Staff



Der Wille zur Macht

Founder & Writer

Der Wille zur Macht was born in Texas and has lived in the USA and Canada. His ancestry is Prussian, and Norman French. He visits Europe frequently to appreciate its rich culture. He first conceived of the idea of Right Wing Philosophy and founded it with Vəhrka.



Founder & Writer

Vəhrka is a native of Texas, descended from Gall-Goídil and Deutsch-Balten lines. He has travelled America, Europe, and Asia as well as taken a small part in the war in Afghanistan via the United States Marine Corps




Writer & Translator

Átharvan is a Sárasvat Brâhmaṇa of Ṛg-vedic tradition - born and raised in India, he has studied both Classical and Ṛg-vedic Sanscrit and is dedicated to the restoration of Aryan Spirituality





Sovijus hails from Lithuania and has successfully applied himself to the pursuit of knowledge in outdoor survival, patrolling exercises, political philosophy, and most importantly - Aryan Spirituality