One of These Rights Guarantees the Other

Originally posted 30 November 2016

If the Left doesn’t want you to have guns or ideas, it’s because they consider you their enemy

In the United States, the First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights protect the exchange of ideas no matter their popularity, and the ownership of firearms. These two things are the most powerful weapons against totalitarianism and communism. It should come as no surprise then, that the Left would seek to restrict and diminish both of these rights, in any way they can.

Though the Left’s war on the latter is obvious to even the casual observer of policy, their war on free speech and the exchange of ideas is far more insidious. Through ownership of media and methods of the delivery of information, the Left attempts at every opportunity to  frame “appropriate” opinions and quash dissent. If out of power, the Left will cry loudly how its rights are being trampled upon, in much the same way a coward who ambushes its victim and is then set upon with force suddenly reacts with righteous indignation, as if he were not the aggressor!

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On Thinking, & Being Thought To

Originally posted  29 November 2016

Gustave le Bon – not impressed with your fedora

Crowds are crowds, whether their vaunted idols are religious, material, or social. They may exhibit all the historically-blind conviction of flaunting all the right buzzwords and catchphrases of whatever fashion of the century (or decade; or year;  or whatever!), but for all the genuine thinking and searching through drive and sacrifice that they neglect in amassing fashionable idea-accessories, there is very little to separate them from the heretic-burning peasant mobs of their mediæval counterparts.

Take some time, when next you come across the familiar rhetoric of yet another “unique, free-thinking individual”, to really scrutinize the underlying situation, and what contributes to that within our particular time and place. Because we’ll certainly be talking about that later!

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A Word on ‘Black Friday’

Originally posted  25 November 2016

Infuriatingly to Enemy narrative, Léon Degrelle would live to vocally compare the era of the Third Reich to what has replaced that Hope and Ideal – his conclusions speak for themselves!

Today in America is a perverse sort of merchants’ ‘holiday’ dedicated to appalling excesses of unbridled materialistic conditioning. I say ‘conditioning’, because this behaviour is the result of consistent and repetitive reinforcement, as is the manner of entraining useful habits within any strain of livestock.

This isn’t going to turn into an appallingly excessive example of unbridled ranting (just this once), but from RWP to any unfortunate enough to witness the modern American habit today – don’t forget that there is something More, if you’re not easily distracted.

All the best from RWP, and we hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with much rightness and philosophy in store for the remainder of the year!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Originally posted 24 November 2016

Don’t waste your life and happiness trying to be what you’re told to want to be – Become That Which You Truly Are

In the spirit of yesterday’s post during today’s festivities, we at RWP would like not only to wish all our readers the happiest and most fulfilling of Thanksgivings, but the gift of inspired reflection during this celebration of bounty.

Not in the morbid sense of mere capitalism, an equally materialistic counterpart to Marxism rather than its true opposite – which would be something beyond-material, something spiritual – but in the transcending and transfiguring sense of that immaterial χρῖσμα that invests the physical Signs with the power of Symbols.

In this symbolic communion of joy in harvest, take a little time to appreciate the metaphysical intimations more aptly grasped through physical symbols, and do not underestimate the importance of Family, of Blood. This Blood is one of the very potent Bridges between the physical and the Beyond, and living up to this Blood is one of the great duties of the individual and the inherited dhárma of the clan. Listen to your Blood.

Til Árs ok Friðar,

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Worth, Not Price

Originally posted  23 November 2016

The monocle has been attributed a 1488% victory-rate in detecting Jewish lies

The notion that the Right is where one finds the free market and business interests is a flawed one. For the past few decades, the Right has only managed to abandon the roots which once made it strong, in favor of choosing the opposite pole to its ideological enemy of Marxism.

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Dealing With the Truth

Originally posted 21 November 2016

Carl Jung’s departure from the debased and materialist psychology of (((Freud))) makes him a fine introduction to the psychology of people with souls

Here at Right Wing Philosophy, we are not inclined to favour that effete and modern, all-too-modern doctrine of ‘political correctness’. Perhaps nowhere in recent literature has one of my long-winded tirades on the matter been more succinctly curtailed than in these words of Dr. Jung, which I will paraphrase somewhat less succinctly by elaborating on what the explicit words themselves only implicitly intimate about tonight’s topic:

The widely observable prevalence of mass neurosis in the modern West is, not solely but indeed largely, attributable to the consequences of that which we have not been willing to deal with. When feelings are more important than facts, when dogma is more important than directness, the slippery slope can only lead down when it leads away from dealing with the world in which we find ourselves – whether you want to change it or not, it must be met factually and fearlessly if you intend to be struggling against the real thing, and not just the smoke and mirrors of polite (until you disagree) ‘society’.

This applies on a larger scale to the affairs of cities, nations, and the world just as it does to the individual scale of values, judgments, and inner direction. As always, please feel free to share and increase our reach, and/or discuss here on the page as we think we have some top-calibre subscribers and would love to hear from you all!

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