Dealing With the Truth

Originally posted 21 November 2016

Carl Jung’s departure from the debased and materialist psychology of (((Freud))) makes him a fine introduction to the psychology of people with souls

Here at Right Wing Philosophy, we are not inclined to favour that effete and modern, all-too-modern doctrine of ‘political correctness’. Perhaps nowhere in recent literature has one of my long-winded tirades on the matter been more succinctly curtailed than in these words of Dr. Jung, which I will paraphrase somewhat less succinctly by elaborating on what the explicit words themselves only implicitly intimate about tonight’s topic:

The widely observable prevalence of mass neurosis in the modern West is, not solely but indeed largely, attributable to the consequences of that which we have not been willing to deal with. When feelings are more important than facts, when dogma is more important than directness, the slippery slope can only lead down when it leads away from dealing with the world in which we find ourselves – whether you want to change it or not, it must be met factually and fearlessly if you intend to be struggling against the real thing, and not just the smoke and mirrors of polite (until you disagree) ‘society’.

This applies on a larger scale to the affairs of cities, nations, and the world just as it does to the individual scale of values, judgments, and inner direction. As always, please feel free to share and increase our reach, and/or discuss here on the page as we think we have some top-calibre subscribers and would love to hear from you all!

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