Of Activism & Action

Originally posted to RWP I on 16 March, 2017

Otto von Bismarck was most expert in four things, and this quote isn’t about ‘laws and sausages’

It’s the day after Geert Wilders’ loss in the election in the Netherlands. The Dutch people apparently were able to stop holding up the Turkish flag for the fifteen seconds it takes to vote against their own interests, yet again. Nevertheless, I stand believing the Dutch have never had a chance to vote for their own interests in this entire election.

We decided when we started this page to try to stay “above” political commentary, to avoid cheer leading for this or that candidate, to avoid the squabbles of news cycles and the petty distractions of Twitter feeds and talking heads. We would commit ourselves to the spiritual health of Our People. It is in that spirit that we discuss the Dutch elections.

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