Multiculturalism – Or, Reverse Colonialism

Originally posted 5 June 2017

Even the noblest racial traits are not an eternally free patrimony – they must be selected for

[On 31 March 2017] we shared a post about colonialism, with the intention of laying much of the groundwork for tonight’s post, about Multiculturalism, or more accurately, Reverse Colonialism.

Within the framework of a racially coherent nation (Germany for Germans, Britain for British, etc), the people of that nation, assuming their governments aren’t bought by the (((Ultimate Parasite))), are allowed to decide their own destiny. The best they have to offer guides the Volk to their ultimate Fate as a People, for Good or for Ill. The Empire their fathers and grandfathers passed to them can be added to and enjoyed by future generations. The Volk understand even on an atavistic level, all of their countrymen are united in preserving this legacy, and indeed, strengthening it.

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The Most Glorious Aim

Originally posted 28 May 2017

Aryans were not artificed from dirt!

Children of the Sun…. Children of the Sun. A phrase pregnant with power, and not without its aura of mystery. Conveying the sense of descent, inheritance – ‘aboveness’, ‘beyondness’. Does it seem strange to you? If your perceptions and understandings remain confined and defined by the (((Enemy))) – how could it not? How could it not be the strangest heresy to posit a birthright of divine fire, a growing up with forebears to emulate and indeed surpass, a mission of making the most of differentiated consciousness and bearing that torch to the furthest Stars?

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The Sun of East & West

Originally posted to RWP I on 4 March, 2017

Part II of III

Spoken Truly by a Child of the Sun

Ahhh, the exotic Orient. Western poëtes have let their imaginations fly free through the fancies conjured by names from harmonious Kyoto to luxurious Samarkand. Western thinkers have tried their unfamiliar hands at bringing eastern wisdom westwards, from Schopenhauer to Guénon. And when a Westerner decides, as we have, that the Only™ options presented them by the (((Enemy))) – Enemy-worship or abdication to materialism – are unsatisfactory, the comparably intact spiritual heritage of the East is often where they feel they should turn. But is this Right? Is it True? Is it Noble? Ârya?

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Architects of Scaffolding, Builders of Bridges

Originally posted to RWP I on 22 February, 2017

Part II of III

Keeping the Flame Alive – Passing the Torch to Our Children – Illuminating the Furthest Reaches of Our Stars

American “conservatism” is dead. It died with the ascendance of George Herbert Walker Bush, and proceeded to rot in the streets for 24 years. And just like a corpse, it has been dragged by the Left into its grave. Forever ten years behind the Modern Left, the “conservative” stakes their claim in the sand, only to be dragged further Left by the (((compromise))) of the next generation.

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On Aryan Education for War

Originally posted 9 January 2017

They didn’t listen…

During its healthy centuries (during those centuries before subversive inundation of Middle Eastern corruption), Rome stood out among the other, for this reason mostly vanquished, peoples by merit of two important factors. The first was a healthy cultural identity and a strong tradition of preserving custom and upholding values. This was common to all successful peoples in that more honest and natural (more harsh and demanding) epoch, and forms the basis first of the tribe and then of the kingdom. It was also the prerequisite, however, of that second notable quality that made Rome unique, and that acquired universally their Latin term to describe Imperivm.

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What Is Your Art?

Originally posted 24 December 2016

Part I of II

Relevant to this essay, in the background can be seen the bust of the last great Leader who was also an Artist

If you’ve been thinking lately that the admins are on a major arts binge, you’re quite right – even compared to usual. If you’ve recognized the recent homages to the fine sculptures of the masterly Arno Breker, you’re not only right – even compared to usual – but possessing admirable taste! If you’ve wondered just how practical the matters of the arts are to the very serious concerns of Right Wing Philosophy and the world it seeks to come to grips with and master – well, you’re not wrong, because to wonder means to question, and to question is the very beginning of a long process that (with some endurance) will lead to finding answers. In case our answers can be of some help along your way, here are a few pertinent thoughts on the arts and their importance within the context of Right Wing Philosophy.

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Be Better, Not “Equal”!

Originally posted 23 December 2016

Der Sieger, by Arno Breker – Aryan Visionary

Tradition rejects the notion of equality. It rejects the notion of egalitarianism and inherent value. Your value, instead, is derived from your use to the tribe. Because value is derived from one’s actions instead of an ability to not assume room temperature, it behooves every man within this system to assume greater duties to family and state, rather than complaining about his “rights” under egalitarianism.

Within this vein of thinking, physical prowess stands as tantamount to the foundation of a great temple to a God. With the cultivation of physical prowess, one learns discipline, how to push through pain, and how the mind conquers the body. With its mastery, one finds physical conflict to be less dangerous and more a tool to defend oneself, one’s family and nation. One is better able to withstand hardships and can attract a more suitable mate.

Pushing forward, one learns what it means to be a God among Men. What is a God if he is not omnipotent? A man who embraces physical training learns what it means to succeed where others fail, and tales of omnipotence follow shortly after. He learns what it means to possess Divinity within His own Temple.

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