Not One (((Compromise)))

Originally posted to RWP I on 26 March, 2017

Only Degenerates Complain About Purity

With the solitary exception of being Orthodox Cuckstian, Corneliu Codreanu was a fine example of what any one of us should aspire to be. He had sharp Aryan instincts. He was intelligent, charismatic, well spoken, and not afraid to get dirty. He held honor above all else. And he understood the JQ better than most do today.

Today Cancer Autismo Fiesta, part of this Axis of Uncompromising Far Right Pages, posted about Cooper Ward, the admin of the page Counter Signal Memes for Fashy Goys, and a person of note involved in TRS (the post appears to have been Shoah’d as of this writing, will edit if not the case). Ghoul, as he was known before being doxxed, apparently had a history of all kinds of degeneracy, involving at the very least relations with a Skypely Trap. This is something that has become so common in the “far ‘right'” community that it simply has to be addressed.

Right Wing Philosophy was actually started as an intellectual response to the shilling and (((compromising))) of other so-called “far right” pages, institutions and personalities. Nobody was willing to drive the spear into the mountain and lay claim to the Foundation of what being Truly Right meant, and thus were buffeted this way and that by the (((prevailing winds))).

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When the Bubble Bursts

Originally posted to RWP I on 7 March, 2017

We must have Natural Law as our Strength, not the judge and executioner of our weaknesses

A friendly reminder to our “blackpilled” readers:

Natural Law, that which is the foundation of the True Right, instructs us and keeps us on course. It shows us what is True, regardless of our feelings or sentiment. And Natural Law can only be subverted for so long.

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The Purity Spiral, Labyrinth & Grave of Imposters

Originally posted to RWP I on 5 March, 2017

Part III of III

In a rare incidence of the Left accidentally being truthful, ‘Tolerance’ really IS its own reward!

Once again, we find ourselves focusing on the internal struggles we all may face at times. “Surely, a little (((compromise))) here or there won’t hurt.” The term “Purity Spiraling” was concocted to justify just such a thing. When a person says, “When we adhere to such strict principles we alienate others,” what I hear is, “I’m a degenerate and resent you not accepting me and my poison.” It is not my standards which have removed you, it is you who has removed yourself from your birthright.

Just as we are to take up the mantle of Our Gods, and act as they would in the Highest Honor, something else is allowed to manifest when we accept such degeneracy and poison. Pulled away from our Strength as incorruptible Truth Speakers, we find ourselves mired in the muck of our own undoing. And it is within this filth that we find manifest our Greatest (((Enemy))). Using every filthy trick known, the Merchant laughs and wrings his hands as he cons you into heaping more and more filth upon your own head. “Don’t Purity Spiral, Goy! You’ll alienate others!” Neglecting to mention that the Source he seeks to hide you from is more powerful than six million filth covered rats.

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Enemies by Birth & Enemies by Choice

Originally posted to RWP I on 1 March, 2017

The Enemy MUST oppose us – the traitor CHOSE to!

Nothing stirs the European soul to hatred quite so much as betrayal. For a people who so value our honor and our word, to not only have a person of our own blood lie to us to our faces, but to earn our trust and spit on it, is completely unforgivable. Rightly so, we revile history’s traitors centuries after the betrayal was committed.

Our People have plenty of enemies. We have plenty of people who would see us extinguished from Eternity, so they may lay claim to what was ours, for about five minutes before they destroy it. We have enemies who would even pretend to *be* us, to better masquerade as the parasites they are (clever are the ones among us who can spot their tricks with ease!). In a strange way, one might even understand that they are acting in the same way we do, fighting for their place in the world, and at the least respect that. Yet there is one among our enemies who deserve only the worst of our scorn. Our Own Kind, turned against us.

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