White Sharia, Or Natural Law For Subhumans

Originally posted 17 May 2017

You can do better than this

My first night in Sarajevo was last night. The first thing to strike me was the mountains. Looking through the window of my airplane, I mistook them for storm clouds, as they had completely covered the sky visible in the window. Stepping off the plane, and seeing what they were in fact, the energy of the country began to hit me.

“The Land of Blood and Honey.”

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Some Distressing News

Originally posted 7 May 2017

There is no more easy way forward – march or die

Yes, we of the Right often desire and create for children and students the harsh tests of adversity – ‘the cruel tests of needless suffering,’ those unfit to win life on Nature’s terms (thus, their lifestyles’ appalling assault and toll upon the Nature whose uncheated judgment would condemn them to the compost heap of failure well-salvaged) or else (((scheming))) to divorce our People from the healthy foundation of Natural Law would say. But are our ‘harsh tests of adversity’ “suffering”? The Power (and, thus, the Responsibility!) of that living-through lies with each man and woman on our Quest, for which reason we’ll no more than mention that personal questioning here tonight. More importantly to yesterday’s and to tomorrow’s posts, though – are our ‘harsh tests of adversity’ “needless”?

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Quality Men Attract Quality Women

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 12, 2017.

A proper Hierarchy demands we all perform our own functions perfectly

It is a well known phenomenon in right wing circles that the men are tough, chiseled, and embodying masculine virtues. We work hard, we are decisive, we speak Truth and are upright, and we hold ourselves and others to exacting standards. This is opposed to, on the Left, the effeminate “man” who can never seem to offer a firm handshake, make a decision, work with proper effort, and most irritating of all, end every sentence with an upward inflection. Standards applied, and the laws of Opposite Attraction in place, the Perfect Man inevitably attracts the Perfect Woman.

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Of Natural Law & Spiritual Truth

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 1, 2017.

Struggle and Grow, or Decay and Die.

Recently we’ve been asked for a more explicit explanation of what we mean when we advocate (re-)founding a Civilization upon an understanding of Natural Law. We’ve also been queried regarding Darwin, evolution as “progress”, and all the rest, and the two subjects suit one another altogether too fittingly to pass up a chance for examining both tonight. For ease of exposition, we’ll begin following the second end of this labyrinthine thread first.

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On ‘Utopia’

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on March 30, 2017.

Results of the Proletarian Dream: starvation and death

Falling into the phase of (((Enemy))) strategy in which our People are deprived of both Leadership and Direction healthy and germane to them, the tendency of the Left to buy votes of confidence (or, at least, of avarice) from those gratified by all the appearances and none of the realities of self-determination tends to present a rather glaring disparity between the utopia promised and the waste land delivered.

It’s not even just the utter childishness (and what does democracy embody better than the classic horror trope of a fickle and immature child suddenly come into awesome powers?) of such blatant lies as the Left supporting (or even liking) the People (the Left first advocated mere singular-People based government as a beginning to disintegration from the Imperivm ideal; next it advocated the dissolution of the concept People through an internationalized blurring of natural boundaries; now it advocates an end to such discriminations as are basic to standards of genuine humanity, the emphasis on its new vision of “people”).

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The Greatest Duty

Originally posted to RWP I on 27 March, 2017

Part III of III

A Folk without Sages to guide it and Nobility to lead it – is helpless livestock for the voracious Enemy

The past three days in particular have seen us paying especial attention to the three major components of a worthy Civilization – indeed, of a healthy People. First, we sought to describe the ultimate basis of our Tradition: Right Knowledge, that distinctly Aryan foundation derived from the union of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth that we have in mind when we speak of such philosopher-kingly traits as Wisdom and Understanding.

From there, we took the time to rightly extol that practical necessity when it comes to realizing our unique Destiny in a world of hostile and hateful forces: Right Action, that uncompromising dedication to Struggle which alone can win Victory through the nobly unashamed warriorly traits of Will to Power.

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From Right Knowledge, To Right Action

Originally posted to RWP I on 25 March, 2017

Part II of III

Call every knowledge emptily mocking which does not Inspire – to DO SOMETHING!

Last night we spoke on the importance of Right Knowledge: on the harmony of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth in the Ordreing of a renewed Civilization. This concept is so important to us that in expressions of Aryan Tradition as geographically far-flung as the Dhármic Várṇas and Plato’s Academe, the Brâhmaṇas and the Philosopher-Kings respectively were placed in the topmost caste in the Hierarchy so that, with a stable foundation in Truth, the ontological scaffolding of the Civilization might support as high a climb for the People as possible.

However, this κόσμος we find ourselves in is not a simple blank space or neutral background in which all our dreams are realized effortlessly. There are background forces, such as Entropy, and foreground foes, such as the Left, that would passively or actively impede the Ascent implicit in Hierarchy’s pyramidal orientation – and this informs the very real need for Struggle in order to prevail over these forces of Dissolution that would see us revert to animalism (Entropy), or lower (the Left). It is in the spirit of this necessary Struggle that we consider the next highest manifestation of Dhárma, of Duty, in the Upward course of Aryan Civilization: in the example of the Várṇas, the Kṣatríya; in the example of the Academe, the Guardians. Tonight we’ll share a few thoughts on the expertise and calling of the warrior caste, Right Action.

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Just So We Understand…

Originally posted to RWP I on 23 March, 2017

Part I of III

“Beauty is only subjective,” say the Vectors of Ugliness

We’ve been getting some really fantastic private messages and visitor posts lately that only further bolster our resolve and commitment to what we are doing here: because this page demonstrably attracts readers from all over the world of real intelligence coupled with an inherently practical emphasis, and these are the people who get things done. One recent visitor post touches on something so essential that we find it necessary to split our response into three main prongs of attack – for those of you not following every little detail, this little series of posts has been instigated by the following:

“So what do we do? What are our options, and what does our future look like, from your perspective? What is the ideal game plan for success?

“Is it simply education? War? Both?

“I think that if the masses knew about the truth behind the holocaust, it would create a much needed domino effect of lies being unraveled. If the lies surrounding the holocaust collapse, so do many others. It’s a support beam running straight through the foundation of so many important matters.

“But then again, I sometimes unfortunately think only bloodshed will reverse the damage. What do you think?”

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Religion of Peace (State of War)

Originally posted to RWP I on 22 March, 2017

At least they weren’t racists?

2017.03.17 France – Paris: A father and son’s throats are slit by a Saracen yelling ‘Allah Akbar’.

2017.02.03 France – Paris: A Saracen wielding a machete charges guests at the Louvre while shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’

2017.01.11 Germany – Oberhausen: A Saracen yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer at a store parking lot.

2016.12.29 Austria – Voecklamarkt: An Austrian woman is stabbed while reading at a refugee center.

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To Sanitize a Culture

Originally posted to RWP I on 19 March, 2017

Behold, libertarians, constitutionalists, and other liberals: the only antidote to the fruits of (((Tolerance)))!

There is little that is quite as repulsive to the Aryan Soul as the idea of “equality.” Every day we strive to achieve our goals, and in so doing attempt to shatter the bonds of that ugly, restrictive word. Democracy deserves just the same fate, for they are both tied together. Rights separated from duties, what incentive does the aristocracy have? What punishment for dereliction of those duties, if said “rights” are universal? Should we be surprised when, lacking discipline, the children run amok?

It is only in this world, lacking discipline and duty, that the poison of Marxism can thrive. Clueless children, raised on participation trophies and self-esteem seminars, have grown up to believe all answers are valid, no matter how cancerous. Does it come as any surprise then, when they choose the path of least resistance, and complain when they receive mediocre results?

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