To Sanitize a Culture

Originally posted to RWP I on 19 March, 2017

Behold, libertarians, constitutionalists, and other liberals: the only antidote to the fruits of (((Tolerance)))!

There is little that is quite as repulsive to the Aryan Soul as the idea of “equality.” Every day we strive to achieve our goals, and in so doing attempt to shatter the bonds of that ugly, restrictive word. Democracy deserves just the same fate, for they are both tied together. Rights separated from duties, what incentive does the aristocracy have? What punishment for dereliction of those duties, if said “rights” are universal? Should we be surprised when, lacking discipline, the children run amok?

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The Life of Memory

Originally posted to RWP I on 18 March, 2017

“As is the family of leaves, so it is also with men:
The wind scatters the leaves on the ground, but the forest breaks-
Into bud and makes more when the Spring season comes round.”

We have talked frequently about the need for Our People to reconnect with their roots, and to begin understanding their Great Link stretching back tens of thousands of years. We have talked about how important it is to begin that process by reconnecting yourself with your ancestors, and to realize they live on within you. Yet, we haven’t talked about how.

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The Arrow That Does Not Miss

Originally posted to RWP I on 17 March, 2017

“Know the Self as the rider in a chariot, and the body as simply the chariot. Know the intellect as the charioteer, and the mind as the reins. The senses, they say, are the horses, and sense objects are the paths around them.”

Though far from the only piece of literature on our introductory ‘Aryan Warfare Reading List‘, the Bhagavad Gita is certainly one of our favourites. In addition to lifetimes‘ worth of subtle wisdom and hidden gems dealing with other matters, there are two particular ways in which the setting of the Gita is particularly relevant to the politely-unacknowledged cultural siege around the Aryan Peoples of today.

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Purpose & Meaning of Hierarchy in the Struggle

Originally posted to RWP I on 11 March, 2017

And it starts Now – with Us

We spent a post last night directing whatever spare attention might be merited by the scant dignity of the false right, those lukewarm impotents lying in the way of and straddling the gulf between those extremes that are actually decisive in the course of history and the fate of humankind. The lolbertardians (and all varieties are to the Left of the True Right) don’t really merit any more of our time, however, because for all their arbitrary moral gymnastics reeking of the “Enlightenment’s” intellectual putrefaction, these sheltered bourgeois pipe-dreams fail one and all to take any cognizance of a fundamental precept of Natural Law – in particular, tonight, I mean the Law of Entropy.

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Atomism & the Right

Originally posted to RWP I on 10 March, 2017

And why DOES the Jew Media push ‘individualism’ at us so insistently?

We’ve talked of the false dichotomies of the Left. They present you with contrived “choices” between (((Capitalism))) and (((Communism))), (((God))) and (((Satan))), (((Republican))) and (((Democrat))) – and any of these artificially limited “options” will only snare the consenting dupe tighter and faster within the web!

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The Purity Spiral, Labyrinth & Grave of Imposters

Originally posted to RWP I on 5 March, 2017

Part III of III

In a rare incidence of the Left accidentally being truthful, ‘Tolerance’ really IS its own reward!

Once again, we find ourselves focusing on the internal struggles we all may face at times. “Surely, a little (((compromise))) here or there won’t hurt.” The term “Purity Spiraling” was concocted to justify just such a thing. When a person says, “When we adhere to such strict principles we alienate others,” what I hear is, “I’m a degenerate and resent you not accepting me and my poison.” It is not my standards which have removed you, it is you who has removed yourself from your birthright.

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The Sun of East & West

Originally posted to RWP I on 4 March, 2017

Part II of III

Spoken Truly by a Child of the Sun

Ahhh, the exotic Orient. Western poets have let their imaginations fly free through the fancies conjured by names from harmonious Kyoto to luxurious Samarkand. Western thinkers have tried their unfamiliar hands at bringing eastern wisdom westwards, from Schopenhauer to Guénon. And when a Westerner decides, as we have, that the Only™ options presented them by the (((Enemy))) – Enemy-worship or abdication to materialism – are unsatisfactory, the comparably intact spiritual heritage of the East is often where they feel they should turn. But is this Right? Is it True? Is it Noble? Ariya?

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Mortal Gods, Immortal Deeds

Originally posted to RWP I on 3 March, 2017

Part I of III

A lot of the false right sure have the Enemy confused with the Self…

We’ve been proud, in earlier posts (for instance, here and here), to roundly expose both the spiritual miscegenation of Cuckstianity and the spiritual castration of materialism as twin (((Enemy))) stratagems to weigh our people down to that sole arena in which the merchantly wares are freest to corrupt and subvert. Since we’ve discussed the proffered wares of spiritual castration here frequently, tonight we’ll spend some time on those of spiritual miscegenation, starting with the whole setup of the con.

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