To Be, Or Not To Be

Originally posted 20 December 2016

“Be polite. Be professional. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet” ; General Mattis’ approach to Affghanistan is sadly applicable to the ‘culturally enriched’ West

When heirs of a high culture express pride in their heritage, it’s easy to jump straight to the pleasant fruits and flowers of a given folk-tree, skimming shelteredly past the tough and hardened trunk that keeps the tree alive. We are often wont to dwell on beautiful music or refined statuary, courtly manners or honourable comportment.

And these are all good things, these are all important things and well worth treasuring – but when confronted with the destructors and polluters of high cultures who are either bent on their destruction or whose presence is simply incompatible with human civilization, we must never neglect seeing to the tough bark and sharp thorns that can see our respective civilizational trees survive to flourish heavenward and grow the most beautiful fruits and flowers yet.

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Eternal Struggle – Eternal Goal

Originally posted 15 December 2016

When the truth of the Sun is fully realized, those of other Stars wait yet further

While the ‘Philosophy’ portion of our page’s name makes a wonderful excuse for waxing eloquent (or in this admin’s case, at least long-winded) on more abstruse explorations beyond the limitations of the current social orthodoxy, it’s often beneficial to return from the elaborate and even from the abstract – to what is really an essential spiritual core of Right Wing Philosophy.

At its heart, Right Wing Philosophy stands for Natural Truths, truths that reveal themselves from looking honestly at the real world around us – real as in, sans temporary and arbitrary ‘bubbles’ created by human or subhuman artifice – and viewing as True that which matches and complements Nature, for instance:

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