Right Action, Right Timing

Originally posted to RWP I on 25 February, 2017

It is not enough to be better humans than our enemies: to survive, we must also be better beasts – and often, beasts of prey!

Our People, our beautiful, sleeping, crisis stricken People, are beset upon twice at once. Soundly asleep in their beds, the barbarians kick down the front door, while the thief breaks in the back.

Barbarians. The kinds seen brutally violating the innocent in places like Detroit, or….. Sweden. They will make of your broken bodies a trophy after ransacking your home, if you let them have their way. They will make of your beautiful sleeping family a witnessed horror to make international headlines; if we only had a Frei Presse, and not a Lügenpresse.

Is it a question what you must become to ward off and destroy these Barbarians, before they massacre your beautiful, sleeping family?

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Architects of Scaffolding, Builders of Bridges

Originally posted to RWP I on 22 February, 2017

Part II of III

Keeping the Flame Alive – Passing the Torch to Our Children – Illuminating the Furthest Reaches of Our Stars

American “conservatism” is dead. It died with the ascendance of George Herbert Walker Bush, and proceeded to rot in the streets for 24 years. And just like a corpse, it has been dragged by the Left into its grave. Forever ten years behind the Modern Left, the “conservative” stakes their claim in the sand, only to be dragged further Left by the (((compromise))) of the next generation.

At Right Wing Philosophy, when we talk about the Right, we’re not talking about your dad’s right, or your grandfather’s right. A stake in the ground from ten years ago is just as useless as a stake in the ground from fifty years ago. No, in the words of Baron Julius Evola, “our principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.” Continue reading “Architects of Scaffolding, Builders of Bridges”

Natural Law Strikes Again

Originally posted to RWP I on 19 February, 2017

Well – was he wrong?

Yesterday evening I got a call: my father’s horses had escaped, been rounded up and secured for the night, and that it was too dark to look in detail but there must be a gap in the fence somewhere. A day and a drive later, I spent this morning helping make the rounds to locate and repair the problem so the horses could be returned to the pasture. It was in this process that I was reminded of a liberal’s (that is, someone insulated from the wisdom gained by working with their hands) words, and the perfect example from the Real World (from Nature) to cut through all that silliness as quickly and cleanly as the Sun through a fog overstaying its welcome.

[all sic]: “As dumb as this is, the wall is still going to fail and be a huge waist of money. The entire idea shows a huge amount of ignorance about how illegal immigration actually works. It might deter around 5-8% of people who would have come over in trucks or on foot illegally, only to redirect them to boats coming via the gulf, or up around into California. Not to mention that around 70% of the people already here came in legally and just overstayed their visas, 11mil people or so (estimated, most likely more than that). This dumb shit will never work lol you could kick down doors til you’re old and grey and still not even make a dent in that number.”

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Losers’ ‘Logic’

Originally posted to RWP I on 11 February, 2017

Part I of III

What the Enemy wants us all to be – all the better not-to-be

Every observant person interested in politics at some point notices a demographic shift between major cities, and the rest of a nation. Without exception, the big cities always vote far, far to the Left of the rest of their countrymen, so far Left they often drag the country off the cliff.

We have mentioned in several posts the importance of instincts with regard to the True Right. The matter is of such importance, we have decided to write three articles on the matter, with our first discussing what poor instincts look like.

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The Greatest Resistance Begins Here

Originally posted to RWP I on 10 February, 2017


The Warrior Scholar sleeps within you. It knows, right now, only the pulse of your heartbeat as it kicks fitfully and dreams of days past, and those to come.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.
Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

It was crushed before it was ever nurtured to full strength. It was fed lies, and spiritual opiates. Television, and (((news))). (((Pop))) “culture” and “music”. Severed from its birthright, as a foreskin in circumcision. Do you ever ask what sedates this vital force that rushes forth with a lust to Will and to Know? Do you ever ask, once you realize you’re being spiritually drugged, about the Beast they’re so afraid of letting wake up? Hmm.

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The Power of Legacy

Originally posted to RWP I on 6 February, 2017

“As is the family of leaves, so it is also with men: The wind scatters the leaves on the ground, but the forest breaks- Into bud and makes more when the Spring season comes round. So with the family of men, one generation grows and another ceases.”

The number one most common criticism of nationalism from the Left goes something like this: “It’s stupid to be proud of what other people did in a land you just so happen to be born in.” As is typical of all things from the Left, the argument comes from an infantile understanding of the world and one’s place in it. In true Leftist fashion, the argument completely ignores all duties and responsibilities, focusing solely on the “rights.” Since the Left doesn’t understand honor, duty, and sacrifice, truly, all that’s left is pride in the accomplishment of others to experience. Let us attempt to fill that world view in a little bit tonight.

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The ‘N Word’

Originally posted 30 January 2017

Truly, you can judge a Cause by who (or what!) it considers the Enemy

As fake news, corrupt establishment spin, and veiled narrative is thrown more and more justly into the harsh light of Daybreak – my friends, now is not a good time to be one of the Left’s formerly-unchallenged McTruths-peddlers. The real Truth – sans (((peddlers))), sans (((journalists))), sans (((middlemen))) – is coming irrevocably to light, and Justice hangs over the liars and traitors like the very real guilt sentence that it absolutely should be.

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On Compromising With Cancer

Originally posted 26 January 2017

Saul Alinsky the Jew is behind the propagation of many of the Left’s foulest modern wiles

There is a seed of germinating discontentment among the more Libertarian-leaning Republicans in this past American election. Rather than saddle up, take some responsibility, and get to work at the chance of removing the deeply-entrenched cancer that has infected this nation for far too long, the Libertarian Right has elected to step aside, as their counterparts take hold of power, and remain the disgruntled “Constitutionalists”, forever on the outside pissing into the tent. “We want our Constitution honored,” they say. It is an attractive sentiment, but let us see what has been compromised for in the past century and a half.

Under the aegis of the Constitution you have lost, while said losses are being financed on your dime:

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The “Nature” of “Equality”

Originally posted 13 January 2017

Knut Hamsun, like Arno Breker and Ezra Pound, marked a recent flowering of high artistic insight linked to strength of soul fit to weather the trials of a peace even worse than its preceding war

Commenting on our post of yesterday, one of our readers made a countering proposal to Ms. Coulter’s (still more liberal than the Founding Fathers) statement on ‘voting rights’, and thus on the idea of ‘agency’ itself.

Our commenter puts forth the propositions that all life is of equal ‘worth’; that all humans are endowed with some inviolable entitlement by mere virtue of having managed to be born; that all of their ideas are thus equally valid, ‘merely personal opinion’; and that the stifling of some humans’ opinions and habits marks ‘how empires perish’.

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The Tyranny of the Majority

Originally posted 12 January 2017

And America was a startlingly beautiful place, back when precisely this was done

There is a saying floated around by those with the barest hint of danger the West faces, that “Democracy is mob rule.” The manner in which it is said, is as a warning to adhere to the Republic, and to not be swayed into the false song of a direct democracy. Yet, one cannot help but wonder to what degree they understand the danger of mob rule.

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