If It Weren’t For Double Standards, The Left Would Have None At All

Originally posted 11 January 2017

Creation of the Positive Necessitates Destruction of the Negative

For an ideology that constantly (on the surface, at any rate) espouses Tolerance™ (and worse), the Left sure does have a long and well-practiced list of things that it Loves™ to hate (I guess this degree of inclusion would be Diversity™). The Left may call the enduring core of the Right “reactionary” as if a wholly anterior worldview can somehow be defined only in relation to a recent ailment, but (psychologically projecting) once again, it is the Left that seems most blinded to the fact that its every statement from the French Revolution on is exactly that: always reactive (and violently so – for Tolerance™), always directed at destroying something superior and anterior (for Equality™), always predicated from its very beginnings on hatred for anyone daring to dissent (from Freedom™). And why is this?

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On Aryan Education for War

Originally posted 9 January 2017

They didn’t listen…

During its healthy centuries (during those centuries before subversive inundation of Middle Eastern corruption), Rome stood out among the other, for this reason mostly vanquished, peoples by merit of two important factors. The first was a healthy cultural identity and a strong tradition of preserving custom and upholding values. This was common to all successful peoples in that more honest and natural (more harsh and demanding) epoch, and forms the basis first of the tribe and then of the kingdom. It was also the prerequisite, however, of that second notable quality that made Rome unique, and that acquired universally their Latin term to describe Imperivm.

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To the White People Who Just Don’t ‘Get It’:

Originally posted 5 January 2017

Unabashedly slandered and vilified as he is, still NO ONE can accuse Hitler of believing in appeasing orcs

Isn’t it crazy, when you drop for a moment all the entrained consensual-reality that makes up our everyday hobbling of perception, to think about the sheer ludicrousness of some of the patently untrue dicta we are ‘highly encouraged’ to accept, propagate, and live by? I mean, taking away the purely emotional manipulation and the veiled threats of social and professional discrimination for not adhering to the prevailing orthodoxy – how clearly and blatantly untrue some of these media-propagated dogmas are! For instance:

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On Equal Orc-portunity

Originally posted 4 January 2017

‘You are equal to this, goyim…’

Speaking of orcs……

Precisely twenty-four hours after I remarked about the loss of sensibilities and the warrior spirit in Europa in the face of Saracen hordes, the barbarians inside our own American gates reveal themselves.

Live streamed on Facebook, a group of four savages kidnapped a white autistic boy, beat him, terrorized him, cut off his clothing, sliced him up, scalped him, injected him with what is probably heroin, and made him repeat racist, anti-white statements. This was made all the more heartless by the casual munching of snacks, and smoking of…..who knows.

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