What Sleeps Within

Originally posted 22 June 2017

Die Wilde Jagd, 1889, Franz von Stuck

Anyone who has been around the Far Right movement long enough eventually becomes aware of differences in race. Bone density. Number of vertebrae. Height. Pelvic formations. Musculature. Aerobic and anaerobic capacity. Maturation times. Gestation periods. IQ. Even the standard deviations of the above characteristics are different. All of this can be found out through a little judicious internet searching.

Yet, one might be tempted to ask….

“Are spiritual destinies as different as science shows us we are physically?”

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Votes Versvs Machetes

Originally posted 7 May 2017

Mass demographics, as with every form of attrition, can only become a grinding game of numbers when quantity is allowed to smother quality

Well, here we are. The election in France is over, and the kosher “nationalist” was defeated soundly by the kosher globalist. And how the (((Alt Right))) crows! How they gnash their teeth at the prospect of a stolen election, about torn ballots, denied funding and threats of terror, lamenting the continuation of the European Union for one more election cycle, and forgetting one very basic thing:

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Eastre Special: On Diseases & Compromises

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 16, 2017.

“But, but this version of the (((Virus))) has saved us for itself from that version of the (((Virus)))!

If a virus feeds on conditions of rot and decay, it will be most successful by hitching a ride on other organisms to transport it to feeding sites. Ideally, animals also prone to seeking out rot and decay. Its only real existential threat is a species – let’s say, lions – whose regulatory role as apex predator keeps the region clean and balanced enough to avoid susceptibility to the disease.

So the virus attaches itself to some hyenas, which begin ingratiating themselves with the lions by bringing food, gifts, flattering and serving, making the lions lazy and inflating their egos. All things considered, most of the lions don’t even notice or care about the gradual breakdown of their once-clean home, and the steady increases of the virus amongst them – those few that do are quickly killed or exiled for daring to slander or even to question what is clearly the period of the lions’ peak greatness.
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From Right Knowledge, To Right Action

Originally posted to RWP I on 25 March, 2017

Part II of III

Call every knowledge emptily mocking which does not Inspire – to DO SOMETHING!

Last night we spoke on the importance of Right Knowledge: on the harmony of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth in the Ordreing of a renewed Civilization. This concept is so important to us that in expressions of Aryan Tradition as geographically far-flung as the Dhármic Várṇas and Plato’s Academe, the Brâhmaṇas and the Philosopher-Kings respectively were placed in the topmost caste in the Hierarchy so that, with a stable foundation in Truth, the ontological scaffolding of the Civilization might support as high a climb for the People as possible.

However, this κόσμος we find ourselves in is not a simple blank space or neutral background in which all our dreams are realized effortlessly. There are background forces, such as Entropy, and foreground foes, such as the Left, that would passively or actively impede the Ascent implicit in Hierarchy’s pyramidal orientation – and this informs the very real need for Struggle in order to prevail over these forces of Dissolution that would see us revert to animalism (Entropy), or lower (the Left). It is in the spirit of this necessary Struggle that we consider the next highest manifestation of Dhárma, of Duty, in the Upward course of Aryan Civilization: in the example of the Várṇas, the Kṣatríya; in the example of the Academe, the Guardians. Tonight we’ll share a few thoughts on the expertise and calling of the warrior caste, Right Action.

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To Sanitize a Culture

Originally posted to RWP I on 19 March, 2017

Behold, libertarians, constitutionalists, and other liberals: the only antidote to the fruits of (((Tolerance)))!

There is little that is quite as repulsive to the Aryan Soul as the idea of “equality.” Every day we strive to achieve our goals, and in so doing attempt to shatter the bonds of that ugly, restrictive word. Democracy deserves just the same fate, for they are both tied together. Rights separated from duties, what incentive does the aristocracy have? What punishment for dereliction of those duties, if said “rights” are universal? Should we be surprised when, lacking discipline, the children run amok?

It is only in this world, lacking discipline and duty, that the poison of Marxism can thrive. Clueless children, raised on participation trophies and self-esteem seminars, have grown up to believe all answers are valid, no matter how cancerous. Does it come as any surprise then, when they choose the path of least resistance, and complain when they receive mediocre results?

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The Arrow That Does Not Miss

Originally posted to RWP I on 17 March, 2017

“Know the Self as the rider in a chariot, and the body as simply the chariot. Know the intellect as the charioteer, and the mind as the reins. The senses, they say, are the horses, and sense objects are the paths around them.”

Though far from the only piece of literature on our introductory ‘Aryan Warfare Reading List‘, the Bhagavadgîtâ is certainly one of our favourites. In addition to lifetimes‘ worth of subtle wisdom and hidden gems dealing with other matters, there are two particular ways in which the setting of the Gita is particularly relevant to the politely-unacknowledged cultural siege around the Aryan Peoples of today.

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Purpose & Meaning of Hierarchy in the Struggle

Originally posted to RWP I on 11 March, 2017

And it starts Now – with Us

We spent a post last night directing whatever spare attention might be merited by the scant dignity of the false right, those lukewarm impotents lying in the way of and straddling the gulf between those extremes that are actually decisive in the course of history and the fate of humankind. The lolbertardians (and all varieties are to the Left of the True Right) don’t really merit any more of our time, however, because for all their arbitrary moral gymnastics reeking of “Enlightenment” intellectual putrefaction, these sheltered bourgeois pipe-dreams fail one and all to take any cognizance of a fundamental precept of Natural Law – in particular, tonight, I mean the Law of Entropy.

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The Sun of East & West

Originally posted to RWP I on 4 March, 2017

Part II of III

Spoken Truly by a Child of the Sun

Ahhh, the exotic Orient. Western poëtes have let their imaginations fly free through the fancies conjured by names from harmonious Kyoto to luxurious Samarkand. Western thinkers have tried their unfamiliar hands at bringing eastern wisdom westwards, from Schopenhauer to Guénon. And when a Westerner decides, as we have, that the Only™ options presented them by the (((Enemy))) – Enemy-worship or abdication to materialism – are unsatisfactory, the comparably intact spiritual heritage of the East is often where they feel they should turn. But is this Right? Is it True? Is it Noble? Ârya?

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1,000 ‘Likes’ on RWP I

Originally posted to RWP I on 17 February, 2017

The noble will always be suspected by the throngs of the base

It truly has been surprising and heartening for us to see our small but vicious page grow in such a short span, so far beyond where we might have imagined we’d be even after a full year of ranting away about the genuine Right. I had half imagined our audience would only ever be a tiny fringe of fellow extremists, and it still requires the heart of an extremist to stomach our words – but in terms of the number with ears destined to hear our ancient and fateful melodies we have been far too pessimistic! Once again, thank you all for liking, following, reading, and sharing – may we sharpen bodies, souls, and spirits in the Struggle for Ascent! In celebration of passing our thousand-like mark, and with all the promise of a Thousandpost Reich, I’d like to share a funny trend in our page’s development that might be of some interest in the context of the Right as a whole.

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Finally, a Solution?

Originally posted to RWP I on 16 February, 2017

The Enemy’s definition of “Pure Evil”

We have been asked by a reader what the True Right position is on abortion. The answer, though simple, requires quite a bit of explanation, as the opinion is so outside the current Overton Window as to demand it. In the spirit of that requirement, we bring you tonight’s post.

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