The Greatest Duty

Originally posted to RWP I on 27 March, 2017

Part III of III

A Folk without Sages to guide it and Nobility to lead it – is helpless livestock for the voracious Enemy

The past three days in particular have seen us paying particular attention to the three major components of a worthy Civilization – indeed, of a healthy People. First, we sought to describe the ultimate basis of our Tradition: Right Knowledge, that distinctly Aryan foundation derived from the union of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth that we have in mind when we speak of such philosopher-kingly traits as Wisdom and Understanding.

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Dress To Kill, Live To Die

Originally posted 12 December 2016

Part II of II

A rather modest, quiet, and understated man as many great warriors are, Ernst Jünger’s words come from some of the greatest exploits and experience of warfare in the modern age

Following on from the post of 9 December – with such a beginning, with such a formal symbol to grow into, the way can be prepared for developing the corresponding inner qualities.

Leadership (and Loyalty is rightly bestowed on those who dedicate themselves to good Leadership) is an affair of Example. It is a testament of Deeds. An organic unity between Leader and led.

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