Votes Versvs Machetes

Originally posted 7 May 2017

Mass demographics, as with every form of attrition, can only become a grinding game of numbers when quantity is allowed to smother quality

Well, here we are. The election in France is over, and the kosher “nationalist” was defeated soundly by the kosher globalist. And how the (((Alt Right))) crows! How they gnash their teeth at the prospect of a stolen election, about torn ballots, denied funding and threats of terror, lamenting the continuation of the European Union for one more election cycle, and forgetting one very basic thing:

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Right Action, Right Timing

Originally posted to RWP I on 25 February, 2017

It is not enough to be better humans than our enemies: to survive, we must also be better beasts – and often, beasts of prey!

Our People, our beautiful, sleeping, crisis stricken People, are beset upon twice at once. Soundly asleep in their beds, the barbarians kick down the front door, while the thief breaks in the back.

Barbarians. The kinds seen brutally violating the innocent in places like Detroit, or….. Sweden. They will make of your broken bodies a trophy after ransacking your home, if you let them have their way. They will make of your beautiful sleeping family a witnessed horror to make international headlines; if we only had a Frei Presse, and not a Lügenpresse.

Is it a question what you must become to ward off and destroy these Barbarians, before they massacre your beautiful, sleeping family?

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