Without Deviation

Originally posted 26 June 2017

P r i o r i t i e s

(((Compromise))). In theory, as a concept, anyone with their heart in this Struggle and an instinct for Truth can tell you that it’s to be avoided – more than that, to be shunned, shamed, rejected, reviled. It cedes vital ground from our People to our Enemy, from our potential Destiny to our potential Doom.

More than that, it fractures the integrity of our very souls – in an Age of Dissolution in which every corrosive tendency of Demiurge, Parasite, and Corrosion muster all their loathsome force against the Aryan Soul, the truth about our existential opposition to the (((Enemy)) remains what it always has been: the Enemy cannot defeat us, but it can certainly corrupt us into bringing about our own defeat.

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The ‘Geographic Cure’

Originally posted 25 May 2017

Having problems with Africkans being violent cannibal savages? It’s surely too much of that Africkan water and air – simply bring them here, give them free tribute, and watch them turn white and civilized!

The first world. On the surface (by the superficial, all that is ever seen), a pinnacle of (vulgar) virtue, (corrupt) justice, and (expedient) truth, which modernist monument is capped with the technology and prosperity which form the only real measure of worth to a “civilization” too hunched and stunted to dare reaching Higher. Beneath that surface? Some of the foulest stagnation and filth ever conceivable in opposition to our noble Destiny, a teeming mass of parasites and evolutionary ballast suckling from the wounds of those few crumbling dupes still blind enough to stand between Satyá and Kalîyugá.

And the same willful blindness to the wretched reality underlying the modernist utopia is behind the total misplacing of the causes behind the first world’s thusly-considered ‘success’. Much like the wonderfully self-destructive hubris of modern Jews grown too bold – too many of the advocates of failing modernity have grown up actually believing their grandfathers’ propaganda and lies, rather than realizing the hidden-away but very real machinations really supporting the Lie. Machinations requiring the efforts and indeed the sacrifices of better men than the (((parasites))) and other scum profitting from the filth growing upon Civilization’s corpse.

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White Sharia, Or Natural Law For Subhumans

Originally posted 17 May 2017

You can do better than this

My first night in Sarajevo was last night. The first thing to strike me was the mountains. Looking through the window of my airplane, I mistook them for storm clouds, as they had completely covered the sky visible in the window. Stepping off the plane, and seeing what they were in fact, the energy of the country began to hit me.

“The Land of Blood and Honey.”

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Originally posted 13 May 2017

Nature is the spirit of Life; hateful is every force that would conspire to destroy Her

There is a misconception in faux right circles that care and concern for the environment, and love for animals is a distinctly left wing concept. This, of course, is completely ludicrous, as the True Right, being aligned with Natural Law, views Nature, rightfully, as the inheritance of the Volk, and to which the Volk will pass on to its children. The Right Wing person, being aligned with Natural Law, will see himself as part of this environment, and indeed, will see the care he has for Nature and for animals as a reflection of the care he has for himself.

What, then, of the Faux Right, and the Left?

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On Urban Life & Its Detriments

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 2, 2017.

Blood and Soil estranged can never give birth to the Folk-Soul

More, much more, and yet moreso through the last 70-odd years we have seen these words ring ever-truer in their grim implications. Leaderless save for Enemy-controlled leaders, directionless save for Enemy-derived direction, our wounded and poisoned People limps steadily to that materialist modern Moloch, the City.

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Of Natural Law & Spiritual Truth

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 1, 2017.

Struggle and Grow, or Decay and Die.

Recently we’ve been asked for a more explicit explanation of what we mean when we advocate (re-)founding a Civilization upon an understanding of Natural Law. We’ve also been queried regarding Darwin, evolution as “progress”, and all the rest, and the two subjects suit one another altogether too fittingly to pass up a chance for examining both tonight. For ease of exposition, we’ll begin following the second end of this labyrinthine thread first.

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Just So We Understand…

Originally posted to RWP I on 23 March, 2017

Part I of III

“Beauty is only subjective,” say the Vectors of Ugliness

We’ve been getting some really fantastic private messages and visitor posts lately that only further bolster our resolve and commitment to what we are doing here: because this page demonstrably attracts readers from all over the world of real intelligence coupled with an inherently practical emphasis, and these are the people who get things done. One recent visitor post touches on something so essential that we find it necessary to split our response into three main prongs of attack – for those of you not following every little detail, this little series of posts has been instigated by the following:

“So what do we do? What are our options, and what does our future look like, from your perspective? What is the ideal game plan for success?

“Is it simply education? War? Both?

“I think that if the masses knew about the truth behind the holocaust, it would create a much needed domino effect of lies being unraveled. If the lies surrounding the holocaust collapse, so do many others. It’s a support beam running straight through the foundation of so many important matters.

“But then again, I sometimes unfortunately think only bloodshed will reverse the damage. What do you think?”

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Fences & Other Livestock Control

Originally posted to RWP I on 20 February, 2017

Part I of III

The (((Virus))) that must be eradicated

Europeans have a rather distinct quality to them. Shutting out all distractions and all irrelevant nonsense, we are able to devote all of our energies into one goal, one project, one vision, and see it through to completion, no matter the obstacle that threatens us.

In the past half century at least, that has meant some form of working hard, relaxing, taking the wife and children out, and doing it all over again. It has meant working all week and living for the weekend. It has meant, in one way or another, quietly living a life isolated from a greater purpose.

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A Critique of the Bourgeoisie from the Right

Originally posted to RWP I on 8 February, 2017

In the fight to the death between ultimate futures, complacency kills as surely as more overt cowardice

When a valued ally of a page like Cancer Autismo Fiesta calls, we must answer. As strangely as it strikes us for our still-new page to have found itself in the vanguard of faceberg’s representation of the genuine Right, it is not something we are of a mind to shun or demur. On the contrary, when the ironic-humour and outsider-subversion pages of the faux right are quick to cuck and shill as soon as one of the True Right (their feared ‘Far Right’) goes a redpill “too far” (if you haven’t yet, please do take the time to read our lengthier post How Far Is Too Far?  for a fairly succinct introduction to this Leftist tactic of (((compromise))) and what it means for us), we are proud to stand firmly beside pages such as CAF and IWMP who at the very least reveal a quality of character that is unimpressed and unswayed by the kind of social/emotional manipulation that sees most of the rest reduced to blubbering excuses and copouts when all the chips are down – if not blatant apologia for Israel, for Cuckstianity, and against essentially any attempt at addressing causes rather than symptoms.

Speaking of causes and symptoms, this entire attitude of the counterfeit right is itself the product of a certain glaring and pervasive problem in the fallen white countries, one whose basics we intend to cover here tonight in our page’s particular answer to CAF’s recent prompting.

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How Far Is “Too Far”?

Originally posted 25 January 2017

German NCO drills new recruits to proficiency in what is required of them
We live in a world whose (((middlemen))) want to tell us – through (((their))) media, (((their))) academia, (((their))) religions and ideologies – not only what to do, but what to think, in their effort at retaining control over the Left’s desired internationalist (read, anti-nationalist) end-game. One of the many Pavlovian buzz-words employed by these virulent parasites from earliest public education on is that of ‘Extremist’. Like ‘Racist’, ‘Reactionary’, ‘Nazi’ and so many others, this word isn’t employed by our Civilization’s great Enemy in order to provoke a thoughtful analysis of what is really meant – quite the opposite! It is meant to elicit a purely emotional response: because on the unreasoning, solely emotional plane this emotional parasite and its millennia of emotionally conditioning the West will retain its well-orchestrated control.
But the fully-Awakened vanguard of the Right must be already liberated from these emotional and perceptual illusions and traps of the skulking enemy. For us, it is imperative to understand and act upon the real nature of the thing rather than its sleight-of-hand misdirection of popular deception. So what Is ‘extremism’?

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