The ‘Geographic Cure’

Originally posted 25 May 2017

Having problems with Africkans being violent cannibal savages? It’s surely too much of that Africkan water and air – simply bring them here, give them free tribute, and watch them turn white and civilized!

The first world. On the surface (by the superficial, all that is ever seen), a pinnacle of (vulgar) virtue, (corrupt) justice, and (expedient) truth, which modernist monument is capped with the technology and prosperity which form the only real measure of worth to a “civilization” too hunched and stunted to dare reaching Higher. Beneath that surface? Some of the foulest stagnation and filth ever conceivable in opposition to our noble Destiny, a teeming mass of parasites and evolutionary ballast suckling from the wounds of those few crumbling dupes still blind enough to stand between Satyá and Kalîyugá.

And the same willful blindness to the wretched reality underlying the modernist utopia is behind the total misplacing of the causes behind the first world’s thusly-considered ‘success’. Much like the wonderfully self-destructive hubris of modern Jews grown too bold – too many of the advocates of failing modernity have grown up actually believing their grandfathers’ propaganda and lies, rather than realizing the hidden-away but very real machinations really supporting the Lie. Machinations requiring the efforts and indeed the sacrifices of better men than the (((parasites))) and other scum profitting from the filth growing upon Civilization’s corpse.

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Through the Loneliest Loneliness, Arrows of Yearning to Cross the Bridge

Originally posted to RWP I on 15 February, 2017

It Is Good To Be A Bridge

We hope you enjoyed our light-hearted humour of last night – now with the evening’s magick retreated into memory and back to our more usually serious, all-too-serious selves we hope to revisit the theme of yesterday’s quote with a complementary one tonight.

Charming as yesterday’s photo was – and there are so many like it from the days of the Reich’s sunshine and promise – we all know that it only presaged a bleakly tragic Struggle for bare existence against the world-forces determined to snuff out the flame of our great Ideal.

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Upon the Wild Waves…

Originally posted 22 January 2017

Novalis’ study of mineralogy often informed his philosophical phrasings – an ordering of harmonious crystallization

Was yesterday’s post a bit grim? If only that could be helped while maintaining full conscientiousness towards the truth – but that truth Is, that anyone loyal to ideals of honour, beauty, cleanliness, or any higher virtue is going to find themselves set upon by default by those whose lack of higher ideals causes them to see anything grand or lofty or noble – as a threat.

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Today the Self – Tomorrow the World!

Originally posted 25 December 2016

Part II of II

There are master-moustaches and there are slave-moustaches – choose strength and not ressentiment!

Of course, to pursue Mastery in the Art of self-creating is to eventually flow into Mastery’s later developments, those of the Art of world-creating. To artfully and masterfully create oneself in motion is to begin truly affecting the world in motion about oneself.

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