Of Power & Pettiness

Originally posted 4 May 2017

When the impulse to nobility is stifled, look for petty meanness

For a political ideology that concerns itself with the cultivation of Will and the accumulation of Personal Power (indeed, this writer’s nom de plume is pulled from this very concept), it bears a reminder, every now and again, what the individual should try to accomplish with that Power. Tonight, I wish to spend a few moments reflecting on the conclusion of this accumulation: Application. For what a person does with and to those they have power over will reveal the entirety of their character.

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On Natural Law & Colonialism

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on March 31, 2017.

Maximiani Portas, more of an example than she was aware

Like most children too smart for their own good growing up in the pre-9/11 days, I used to sneak-watch Star Trek: The Next Generation while the rest of the family watched some hideous sitcom. Like most children too smart for their own good, I was enamored with how far technology had progressed in the show. I knew instinctively that our destiny was to explore the stars, and that we would take our place, rightly, as warrior philosophers conquering what only centuries ago were points of light in the night sky.

I knew, watching the show, there was an implicit difference between US, right now, and THEM, four centuries from now. Somewhere, in that span of time, Humanity had changed its thinking to reject destructive patterns we currently engage in. Gene Roddenberry, Leftist though he was, I believe understood something vital to building what he saw as Humanity’s next Renaissance. Indeed, within the series, it was called the Prime Directive.

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Eternal Struggle – Eternal Goal

Originally posted 15 December 2016

When the truth of the Sun is fully realized, those of other Stars wait yet further

While the ‘Philosophy’ portion of our page’s name makes a wonderful excuse for waxing eloquent (or in this admin’s case, at least long-winded) on more abstruse explorations beyond the limitations of the current social orthodoxy, it’s often beneficial to return from the elaborate and even from the abstract – to what is really an essential spiritual core of Right Wing Philosophy.

At its heart, Right Wing Philosophy stands for Natural Truths, truths that reveal themselves from looking honestly at the real world around us – real as in, sans temporary and arbitrary ‘bubbles’ created by human or subhuman artifice – and viewing as True that which matches and complements Nature, for instance:

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