The Sacred Hearth

Originally posted 12 June 2017

The Rightful King Is Husband to the Land

Right Wing Philosophy has been present on this mostly-degenerate Kalîyugá medium of faceberg for what seems like a long time, even though we’ve just recently passed the half-year mark. A major reason for the perception of so much more mundane-time having passed is that the page, its articles, themes, and reach have certainly passed through several clear and successive phases already in our elucidation of Aryan Tradition bonded to Struggle for Aryan Destiny. Our recent announcement of both founding admins’ claiming of wives to render mothers of Aryan children will likewise set the tone for this next elucidation and example in Our Struggle. So, tonight, we are going to expound for a few minutes of your not-so-mundane Time on the Family and Home, and their rôle in the pursuit of Total Victory.

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Natural Law Strikes Again

Originally posted to RWP I on 19 February, 2017

Well – was he wrong?

Yesterday evening I got a call: my father’s horses had escaped, been rounded up and secured for the night, and that it was too dark to look in detail but there must be a gap in the fence somewhere. A day and a drive later, I spent this morning helping make the rounds to locate and repair the problem so the horses could be returned to the pasture. It was in this process that I was reminded of a liberal’s (that is, someone insulated from the wisdom gained by working with their hands) words, and the perfect example from the Real World (from Nature) to cut through all that silliness as quickly and cleanly as the Sun through a fog overstaying its welcome.

[all sic]: “As dumb as this is, the wall is still going to fail and be a huge waist of money. The entire idea shows a huge amount of ignorance about how illegal immigration actually works. It might deter around 5-8% of people who would have come over in trucks or on foot illegally, only to redirect them to boats coming via the gulf, or up around into California. Not to mention that around 70% of the people already here came in legally and just overstayed their visas, 11mil people or so (estimated, most likely more than that). This dumb shit will never work lol you could kick down doors til you’re old and grey and still not even make a dent in that number.”

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