The Longest Arm

Originally posted  1 December 2016

Part I of II

We know, these are not rifles pictured but shotguns – we love this picture for its depiction of Tradition, and what characterized the America which used to be

“All power grows from the barrel of a gun,” says Mao the Communist. It speaks volumes then, when a liberal recoils from the sight of a gun, or insists “the masses” should not be able to buy firearms. They are fearful of having authority in the former case, and contemptuous of the people in the latter. They aren’t denying these guns be kept out of the hands of police and military, after all! They are telling you it is the State which should have power over you.

In an environment where the people may arm themselves, it is not power over others that is granted, but ultimately power of oneself, or self determination, if you prefer, that the people have. This is the meaning behind Jeff Cooper’s quote.

Ultimately, power improperly applied achieves nothing, however. Armed citizens are merely a roving mob if they’re stupid. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the importance of a proper ongoing education, so important in helping the citizen scholar to defeat Marxism.

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One of These Rights Guarantees the Other

Originally posted 30 November 2016

If the Left doesn’t want you to have guns or ideas, it’s because they consider you their enemy

In the United States, the First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights protect the exchange of ideas no matter their popularity, and the ownership of firearms. These two things are the most powerful weapons against totalitarianism and communism. It should come as no surprise then, that the Left would seek to restrict and diminish both of these rights, in any way they can.

Though the Left’s war on the latter is obvious to even the casual observer of policy, their war on free speech and the exchange of ideas is far more insidious. Through ownership of media and methods of the delivery of information, the Left attempts at every opportunity to  frame “appropriate” opinions and quash dissent. If out of power, the Left will cry loudly how its rights are being trampled upon, in much the same way a coward who ambushes its victim and is then set upon with force suddenly reacts with righteous indignation, as if he were not the aggressor!

  • Der Wille zur Macht