The Necessity of Physical Fitness

Originally posted 20 November 2016

Weakness breeds bitterness

Some of you original followers of the page may have been somewhat surprised yesterday, when the first post of a page called Right Wing Philosophy dwelt on the almost mundane matter of nationalism’s fitness for protecting (in addition to other things) the working class.

Fear not, for we do have plenty of material set by that is quite philosophically abstruse! It is important to be clear, however, that Right Wing Philosophy is not about hiding away from the world with one’s head in the clouds: such ‘libertarianism of philosophy’ only serves to abdicate the world to those who will decide its fate, and thus practical matters are not shunned or ignored in this school.

If anything, the animating spirit of Right Wing Philosophy might be described as a Whole structured with Hierarchy. In all matters makrokosmic and mikrokosmic, Spirit directs Mind, directs Body (a great simplification, but handy in the Dumézilian threads to which it lends itself). The lower, physical, aspects are not dismissed by the Right Wing Philosopher – they are his responsibility to shape according to his higher realizations.

Have you taken responsibility for bringing your body into harmony with your spirit and your mind? If so, would you like to share your insights and approach?

This particular admin favours the largely equipment-free bodyweight approach of the ‘prison workout’ school, with an emphasis on fighting fitness as explicated in kajukembo, which this admin would personally prioritize in the order Endurance>Speed/Cardio>Balance>Flexibility>Strength.

What is your approach in ensuring your philosophy deserves to survive and thrive in the world of material forces? Please, feel free to discuss and share!

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