Worth, Not Price

Originally posted  23 November 2016

The monocle has been attributed a 1488% victory-rate in detecting Jewish lies

The notion that the Right is where one finds the free market and business interests is a flawed one. For the past few decades, the Right has only managed to abandon the roots which once made it strong, in favor of choosing the opposite pole to its ideological enemy of Marxism.

Marxism’s teachings have served not only to debase the physical world in which mankind lives, but its soul as well. How has this Republican, this conservative opponent chosen to fight this war against Marxism? In an effort to win a purely physical war of economics, the modern Right has forgotten to protect its spirit from infiltration. The free market has won! Anything can be purchased or sold, including one’s soul, for what value does an ephemeral concept have? Its mad rush to defeat economic Marxism has allowed cultural Marxism to start infecting those roots which give meaning to existence.

We exist here, the product of thousands of generations before us, and thousands of generations ahead of us. Materialism would suggest to us, not that we have a duty to pass on the torch which we have inherited from a long line of ancestors, brighter and hotter, but that we should revel like drunken fools until the fire goes out! “I earned this fire!” exclaims the Materialist. “Why shouldn’t I use it? Or even – spend it?”

Right Wing Philosophy rejects this notion completely. Tradition seeks, not only to preserve this inherited flame, but to accept the duty one has to those thousands of ancestors. They have fought, bled, felt pain and pleasure, to see you into this world. We all stand atop the shoulders of giants. Should we seek to rest on those laurels and marvel at the scenery, or stand just a little taller for the next generation?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. Tomorrow, as you look around, spend some time appreciating the family that has come together. When you say what you’re thankful for, try to set aside the base material things, and consider the love and ambition that brought your family to where it is today. There will be more purpose there than in being thankful for your car and job. After all, when you die, your family won’t speak a word about how well you managed your mutual funds. They’ll probably have a lot more to say about your character and how you impacted their lives.

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