On Natural Law & Colonialism

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on March 31, 2017.

Maximiani Portas, more of an example than she was aware

Like most children too smart for their own good growing up in the pre-9/11 days, I used to sneak-watch Star Trek: The Next Generation while the rest of the family watched some hideous sitcom. Like most children too smart for their own good, I was enamored with how far technology had progressed in the show. I knew instinctively that our destiny was to explore the stars, and that we would take our place, rightly, as warrior philosophers conquering what only centuries ago were points of light in the night sky.

I knew, watching the show, there was an implicit difference between US, right now, and THEM, four centuries from now. Somewhere, in that span of time, Humanity had changed its thinking to reject destructive patterns we currently engage in. Gene Roddenberry, Leftist though he was, I believe understood something vital to building what he saw as Humanity’s next Renaissance. Indeed, within the series, it was called the Prime Directive.

Explicitly, it meant to not engage in the affairs of alien cultures. This meant, especially, to not interfere with primitive peoples, as it would cause irreparable and long lasting damage to their people, and place an undue burden upon the Federation. Indeed, some peoples were doomed to death, disease and starvation over this sacred rule. It is in the spirit of this that we talk about why it is vitally important we not interfere with the Third World.

Africa. Before the 1900’s, European colonization had seen us attempt to civilize a People who had not even mastered agriculture. They were millennia of progress behind us (one gets the impression of playing a Civilization game on the easiest mode and stomping spearmen with tanks, when reading historical accounts). And yet, for millennia, the people of Africa enjoyed a stable population. Historical accounts place the population of Africa as unchanging over centuries, despite their extremely high fertility rate of something like seven children per female. “But RWP, how is it possible that they had nine kids, but the population stayed the same?”

To understand this phenomenon, one must first understand r/K Selection. Effectively, it represents two different birthing strategies dependent on whether the environment for raising children is considered safe or dangerous. In a dangerous environment, like Africa, it makes more sense to have as many children as possible and not devote many resources per child, as several of them were likely to die off before reaching adulthood and having children of their own. This r selection is representative of what happens in Africa, as the majority of the children will die of injury, disease, or some other malady.

European people, specifically those to the west of the Hajnal Line, employ K selection, a much different strategy. Having conquered many of the ills which plague the young (infection, disease, injury, mostly), children had a much greater chance surviving to adulthood, so it made more sense to produce fewer offspring in which one devoted more time to. We began educating them. Testing them. We forged of our children into strong and capable men and women, until we sailed waterborne crafts onto the Dark Continent and subjugated those chaotic lands.

And lo, how we did recoil in horror at their 70% child mortality rate! Malaria, smallpox, ebola, and a host of other diseases ravaged these natives and their children! Diseases which Europeans had eradicated generations ago, these people were dying of in droves! “Surely, these people must be vaccinated! It is unacceptable that this many children should die of diseases we have wiped out. Let us conquer this disease here, too!” And so we did. By 1905, there were already colonial laws in place making vaccinations of the native populations mandatory. And so those children, who otherwise would have died, survived.

Those six children who otherwise would have died then went on to have nine children, who then went on to have nine children, who then went on to have nine children. And so the population exploded, faster than the natives, who still have yet to master agriculture, could feed them. And now, in the 21st Century, First World nations can adopt a small African child for the low price of $0.70 per day, to provide it with food, vaccines, water, and everything else. Which will go on to have nine children. Now they’ve purchased the tools of European Warfare (or, rather, Russian Warfare), and have taken to acts of brutality and ethnic cleansing that give even the coldest European pause.

(Also, incidentally, comical photos of Liberians wearing life vests and garden gloves firing Kalashnikov rifles held above their head, and equally amusing stories of Rhodesians discovering AK’s with the sights set to maximum range, because the natives thought it meant the gun would shoot harder.)

-sips his whiskey- Where was I? Ahh, yes….

So now we have starvation and ethnic cleansing taking place in Africa: a horror brought about because Europeans saw fit to interfere with a primitive people, and cause a population boom. It should be pointed out as well, that ethnic cleansing and starvation, though atrocities, are indeed in line with Natural Law’s attempts at returning the Dark Continent’s population to sustainable levels.

It is for this reason (among others, associated with Tribalism talked about in another post) that the True Right abhors ALL Foreign Aid to the Third World. Natural Law has already balanced what is happening, and applying sentimentality to impersonal nature will only lead to further chaos in the future (something to be remembered in these times today). Indeed, upon receiving outside aid, as Israel, the biggest parasite for “foreign aid” there ever was has shown us, the first thing they do is start attacking their neighbors. Lacking a reason to invest in their own infrastructure since another has made themselves beholden to pay for it (See Also: Modern Welfare), the Nation of Noseberg has taken to infiltrating and manipulating every nation on Earth, while firing $70,000 Hellfire missiles into $4,000 Palestinian huts over a six year old throwing rocks.

Ahh, but that’s for another time.

See to YOUR OWN PEOPLE, and leave the savages to their own lands. True “equality.”

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