Quality Men Attract Quality Women

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 12, 2017.

A proper Hierarchy demands we all perform our own functions perfectly

It is a well known phenomenon in right wing circles that the men are tough, chiseled, and embodying masculine virtues. We work hard, we are decisive, we speak Truth and are upright, and we hold ourselves and others to exacting standards. This is opposed to, on the Left, the effeminate “man” who can never seem to offer a firm handshake, make a decision, work with proper effort, and most irritating of all, end every sentence with an upward inflection. Standards applied, and the laws of Opposite Attraction in place, the Perfect Man inevitably attracts the Perfect Woman.

Another well known phenomenon within right wing circles, the women within the movement are nothing short of breathtaking in every way. Embodying the purest of Feminine virtues, she naturally repels the effeminate liberal “male” in favor of a strong man embodying perfectly Masculine virtues. She attracts a man who is strong and can balance her Perfectly Feminine nature, by being Perfectly Masculine.

This balance is also found within Liberal circles, only in a far more dysgenic and repulsive way. Lacking any kind of standards (equality!), the effeminate male finds his balance in a poisoned and diseased femininity, which attempts at once to strive and fail at masculinity, and destroy all semblance of feminine virtues. The effeminate man eschews duty, sacrifice and honor, attempting to serve and collaborate with other weak people. Lacking Masculine virtues, is it any wonder it attracts a creature lacking Feminine virtues? Feminism, better known as the Destruction of Femininity, has only served to create a strange race to the bottom to see who can invert their Perfect Natures more, providing a suitable mate for a “man” who should have not survived a proper childhood.

It is a telling fact then, when, having actually, truly inverted their natures now, the Left is now refusing to have children, engages in self castration, and other bizarre forms of behavior perhaps best understood as the Left attempting to remove itself from the gene pool. Knowing on an atavistic level that their genetics are that urine in the pool that forces us to pour in the chlorine, it stands to reason then that they are Physically Removing themselves from the future, for the betterment of the species. Ahh, but I digress.

The Right Wing Woman, the woman who has embodied her True Feminine Virtues, has embraced her Sacred Fertility. She is at once a mother and a lover. She attracts and transforms into something greater that which is good, and she repels and eliminates that which is not conducive to a healthy Volk. She is the Life Giver to all of us, accepting the Masculine energies she is given and seeing to the survival of Our People. Her spiritual health then descends into the body, and will make her physical appearance something Venus Herself would be envious of. It is no secret right wing women are gorgeous, and it didn’t “just happen” that way. She embodies the purest feminine energies, and doesn’t attempt to muddy them with imperfect masculine energies, for her partner will provide such a thing for her.

To our Readership who is female, we at Right Wing Philosophy salute you! You give life to Our People. Without you, we would be nothing!

  •  Der Wille zur Macht

(Photo is of one of our Perfectly Feminine readers. Used with permission, of course.)

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