How Much Leeway, Anyway?

Originally posted 23 May 2017

Those who wait for some Judaic ‘salvation’ rather than looking to their arms, the gods should strike down themselves!

We talk a great deal here about Struggle. Sometimes of the basic elemental struggle, form against entropy, life against competing life. And, truly, it is only victory in that struggle that wins any justifiable span and space for Life in this κόσμος, period. This accomplished, however, there are more Victories to be won if we are to enjoy the fullness of Life – let alone of our unique Aryan Destiny.

Life may be won by individuals from individuals, but Destiny is something so much grander, this alliance of Lives striving to realize an Ideal. And in Ordre to carve this creation from Chaos, a great effort is needed to prevail against rival organized bodies. We will not waste overmuch time here on the lolbertardians, the merely-economic “right”, and all the rest of the similarly-“unique” ‘individualists’ (and how stunted the real individuation of such often proves to be!). We are concerned with those forces which in the long run will matter, and it is only our superiority as an organized body that will win for us that Victory securing the Destiny that illuminates the entire Aryan Ideal.

And Total Victory truly is the only noble path for us! Mark me – ANYTHING less than Total Victory: is defeat! To fail in achieving Destiny. To fail in meriting Life. To abdicate, through weakness, individualism, or some other failure, to some other organized force contesting our Earth’s and our Stars’ Destiny – what one could have saved oneself the trouble of by advocating to pitiless, failure-devouring Nature herself.

And in the light of days such as these – with the sickening pollution of our Earth, the festering advance of dysgenic involution of the (ostensibly) human type, the (((Christ)))ian and (((Christ)))ian-derived servility of the most beautiful and Destiny-laden race to the most underhanded and poisonous, employing the most foul and brutish – in days such as these, THERE MUST BE NO COMPROMISE.

You question the – (((Christ)))ian derived – ‘morality’ of being ruthless to those keenly aware of the existential contest between Ârya and Anârya? You will be isolated, surrounded, defeated by those who do not question and have no morality, certainly not a (((Christ)))ian derived one.

You doubt the existence of Our Struggle, believe in “universal brotherhood” and the great kum-ba-ya singing in the eternal demiurgic slave fields in the sky? Slavery is certainly what you deserve, but your children will know it too, because of you.

You hesitate in the face of the Enemy, you take sides against your People, you enjoy the selfish epochal impotence of the ‘individualist’ rather than join the Struggle as an embodiment of Ordre that can actually Create through all the needed destruction? I believe, though, our esteemed readers get the picture.

However distant it may appear – or rather, not appear at all! – through the Enemy media’s mortally lulling siren songs, make no mistake: Our Struggle is not just that between Destiny and Waste. Against an Enemy such as ours – it is between Life and Death. To Be, or Not To Be. “The hard and fast Either-Or.”


& Beauty,

  • Vəhrka

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