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Originally posted 13 June 2017

Pt I of II

Better the modest reality than the overweening prætence

I often hear from the Terminally Leftist an argument that goes something like this: “Social aid programs are a small fraction of our government spending, and if we diverted just a fraction of military spending to these programs we could have enough money for all my kooky pet welfare state ideas.”

To which, I always answer, “False, and even if it were true, it would be irrelevant.”

[It is well outside the scope of tonight’s article to discuss welfare funding gymnastics in the USA, like putting food stamps into the Department of Agriculture budget, but please note that the web of lies in government guarantees that nothing is ever as cheap as it seems.]

Not too long ago, I ran across a “study” done, where they paired up all the Leftists (conveniently called “Humanitarians”) in some world simulation where they wanted to see who could save the most “people.” The ones with the resources grouped together into what they called “The Elite,” and began giving away their resources to the poor countries without resources, to attempt to save as many as they can. They saved all but 400 million “people.”

They then brought in “right wingers” (though, lets be real: still to the Left of this page), or as they called them, “people who scored high on Authoritarian personality testing.” The “right wingers” first blew up the world (and, I mean, really. Its a simulation. Why not?), and then in a second go, killed off 1.7 billion “people.” (It is Right Wing Philosophy’s opinion that those are Rookie Numbers, and need to be brought up.)

(For more on this “study,” the article with relevant links can be found here)

Right Wing Philosophy has already covered here why welfare to the Third World is a bad idea, but here’s a summary: Removal of the environmental dangers r selected breeders face does not produce K selected breeders, but an unsustainable explosion of r selected breeders, who will, eventually, overwhelm the resource constraints of the First World (amusingly titled “The Elite” in the above scenario). This same exact theory applies to the Welfare State. No matter how much it costs, small or large at first, it by definition subsidizes the unsustainable consumption of resources to produce more unsustainable consumption.

Not only is this true, but it additionally creates one sided relationships (those of you who find yourself dealing with so-called “energy vampires” and other pathological “takers” should pay attention here) between the Giver and the Receiver. The Havamal warns us repeatedly of this. Your relationships should be of somewhat equal give and take, lest the giver begin to resent the taker, and the taker begins to hold contempt for the giver. An unbiased eye towards race relations in the USA, and with the gypsy population in Europe reveals this very concept to be true.

There is no “karmic bonus” you get for continuing to enable parasites. You are not a “good person” for giving these vampires and leeches your resources which would better be used enriching your family’s life (or expanding it!). The only thing you are doing is validating and enabling such parasitical behavior to strengthen them. In both cases the leech should be ostracized from society so such behavior doesn’t infect other bonds of social trust (looking right at you, Person who continually provides Gibs to unworthy “people,” then complains that “the world is a selfish place”).

So, here we find ourselves. Unable to even form healthy bilateral relationships.

This page gets messages almost daily from people all over the world asking what they can do themselves. Here’s something you can start doing right now: stop giving unworthy parasites your resources. Your time, money, assets, everything. Ostracize them. Look upon them with scorn and disgust. Seek out individuals who are willing to engage with you in supportive relationships, and keep to your word on them. Seek others and add them in. Form a mutually supportive clan.

And protect them at all costs.

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