Truth Denied Yet Exists

Originally posted 14 June 2017

Pt II of II

Do not be outthought

Last night, we discussed, among other things, the logical poverty of providing one sided gifts to others on an individual level, within the community and nation, and then on an international level. One of the “studies” we cited involved seeing how a group of “humanitarians” would run the world, vs a group of “authoritarians.” Tonight will be a sort of Part II on that study.

The “study” performed isolated the “humanitarians” and the “authoritarians” and had them play against each other. That is, these two wildly separate ideologies played a game of world politics without ever interacting with any ideology other than its own: a statistical impossibility. Where the “study” participants knew going in that they were all of like mind, outside of Make Believe in the Real World, there are world leaders of all stripes.

This world has its jocks with zero forethought, like the USA. It has its extreme isolationists, like North Korea. It has its insane manipulators, like Israel. It has its pathological altruists, like Canada. It has its psych cases, like Germany (post 1945, of course). And everything in between. Indeed, not only are there differing leadership styles, there are differing goals, and differing methods of achieving those goals. Let us, for a moment, observe a real world scenario, and apply it to our little “study.”

Islam. A religion and political ideology both, it is a Conqueror first and foremost. It has as its goal to bring the entire world under its sway. And its method? Does it engage in honorable combat, driving tanks and flying jets through the air, to impose its will upon a neighboring country? Does it invade neighboring nations with brute force, or perhaps cunning? No, indeed, its methods are one of cunning and deception, so ingrained into their ideology they even have a word for it.


“Islam is a religion of peace.” “Jihad is an inner jihad.” “Women are empowered under Islam.” And so on.

And lo, how the Pathological Altruist doth open her gates for the Saracen to stream forth! How, even facing their own destruction, they fall over themselves to offer up money! Land! Houses! Medical care! THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS!!!

Let us pull back for a moment.

The “Humanitarians” from our study. The Pathological Altruists. Never in their study did anyone, ever, steal or misuse their “free gifts.” A game of world politics became a simple matter of resource allocation, and everyone was just eager to help! If one of those Third World countries, just one, misused the resources, decided to use it to further his own interests and then demand more, he would have dominated the game. And why wouldn’t he? He’s already starving! Why in the hell would he allow himself to become dependent on another nation’s welfare, which could be stripped at any moment, when he can take those resources for himself? He wuz Kangz!

Let us observe from the opposite end. Let’s drop a Pathological Altruist in the middle of an Authoritarian world. Anyone who truly believes said person is going to not become a satellite after about seven seconds is delusional.

(For those of you who want to be able to back that up with a case study, check this gem out. It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ethnocentrism will always defeat Humanitarianism, no matter how powerful the Humanitarians are.)

So here we find ourselves, ending on the same note as yesterday, after starting in the same spot. A different road traveled, and we are made richer for the scenery. Pathological altruists will always be used up and spit out. Always. It can be no other way. As we’ve pointed out, the objective isn’t to save as many people as possible, either. It can’t possibly be. Its to ensure the security and viability of your Clan or Tribe.

Do that.

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