A Word on ‘Black Friday’

Originally posted  25 November 2016

Infuriatingly to Enemy narrative, Léon Degrelle would live to vocally compare the era of the Third Reich to what has replaced that Hope and Ideal – his conclusions speak for themselves!

Today in America is a perverse sort of merchants’ ‘holiday’ dedicated to appalling excesses of unbridled materialistic conditioning. I say ‘conditioning’, because this behaviour is the result of consistent and repetitive reinforcement, as is the manner of entraining useful habits within any strain of livestock.

This isn’t going to turn into an appallingly excessive example of unbridled ranting (just this once), but from RWP to any unfortunate enough to witness the modern American habit today – don’t forget that there is something More, if you’re not easily distracted.

All the best from RWP, and we hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with much rightness and philosophy in store for the remainder of the year!

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