An ‘Independence Day’ Special

Originally posted 4 July 2017

Is any amount of brainwashing truly sufficient to excuse the ridiculous notion of “equality”?!

Ahhh, the Fourth of July. Celebrated in the United States – since 1865, the United State – to this day, as ‘Independence Day’.

By modern ‘liberals’ (who take such pains to only display liberálitás towards whatever destroys Civilization to clear the most space for their selfish depravity) it is twisted into modern ‘liberal’ rhetoric, a “Revolution” of “democracy” by this gentleman-led uprising insisting on the long-established rights of Englishmen not being ignored by mere virtue of arduously colonizing a new frontier.

By modern ‘conservatives’ (who are only interested in the cónservátió of some earlier decade’s or century’s degree of leftist poisoning that they prefer – modern “conservatives” as the old leftists grown obsolete), easily conflated into a mere rivalry of regions and forms of government, a ‘conservative “Britain”‘ being necessarily the eternal rival to a ‘conservative (or otherwise) “America”‘, and indeed a ‘conservative “France”‘, “Germany”, et cétera, ad ꟾnfꟾnꟾtvm! Mere governmental or even (((economic))) rivalries deemed more important in atomizing chauvinism than the unity of Blood and Spirit that we call Race with a capital R, whether Britain and (original) America as belonging to the English Race, they and Germany as belonging to the Germanic Race, or they, France, and all Indo-Europeans as belonging to the Aryan Race!

So, certainly, let us indeed consider the implications of America’s ‘Independence’ – or even her “Revolution” if you happen to have been educated by subversive leftists seeking to, wonder of wonders, fracture the integrity of the Aryan Peoples.

One choice for America was to remain under the British system as it then existed (British ‘conservatives’ conveniently ignoring how much their own government has changed from that form not only since but because of that war). This had some very solid things going for it, from the standpoint of a greater Tradition superior and anterior to the modern, petty, and divisive rivalries created between the modern states weakening and killing the Aryan Peoples. For one thing, the supporters of the British crown were even called Loyalists: they rendered faithfully the allegiance owed by them to the crown and, without having to truly understand the actual ideas and their consequences – although many of the aristocrats on this side certainly did! – could act nobly and blamelessly through devotion to a principle higher than themselves. The Loyalist tendency had its weight firmly planted in longstanding custom and heritage of the English people, and a victory for this tendency might indeed have brought about a greater survival of the the old Englishness within the vivifying hardship of the new frontier – even though this admin believes that Britain’s rapidly-accelerating collapse into Dissolution even into the modern era would have eventually necessitated this colony’s need to do the best it could independently in the Kalîyugá, to say nothing of the fact that between Spanish and remaining French holdings as well as often powerful native alliances America even then was hardly the empty drawing board or power vacuum of parlour room pontifications.

Another choice lay in the admittedly upstart and reckless (granted, they had petitioned peacefully in due process for their traditional rights as Englishmen only for the monarch to find it not wholly convenient to consider these hardy settlers Englishmen any longer) option to attempt the impossible, to take up arms against one of the most formidable armies and certainly the world’s most formidable navy – to secede and inaugurate total self-determination for the various emerging states? Granted, it’s not quite as drastically liberal as the modern propagandists would have it – voting and office holding were limited to landowning aristocrats until Andrew Jackson’s disastrous institution of universal white male suffrage, for one thing – but this was still a step further down the same slippery slope ventured onto since the original infection of (((Christ)))ianity poisoned its first potential-Aryan all those centuries ago. And just when a student of history thinks they might have a clear answer – and it is important, since the past certainly dictates the future – one has the sinking realization of how utterly fucked, how thoroughly (((compromised))), both countries have become, for the most part.

So what does this mean? Not in terms of petty governmental rivalries but in terms of our Race, our Tradition, our Destiny? Not just for relict Aryans in modern “Britain” and modern “America” but in every intersection of Blood and Soil where surviving Aryans seek a Way out of the madness and into Our Destiny. What can all of us learn from the ‘American Experiment’?

Considering first the monarchy represented by Britain, we see on the surface a superior retention of traditional values: a monarch, a landed leadership, an ethic of hierarchy and being led by the higher class. So how did Britain become “Britain”? What happened? Looking closer, the monarch had long ceased being a King in the Aryan sense, of uniting the regal and sacral functions into the Ideal of Leadership. Rather, and this was hardly limited to this single land amongst those fallen to worshipping the Eternal Shyster, the potential-king just like the potential-aristocracy had been corrupted by (((tolerance))) for the (((merchants))), bought and sold for luxuries they were trained to prefer to their own Duties and potentialities-of-being. Rather than pointing the Civilization higher as in the Aryan saying Let My Leader Be My Bridge, the monarch had become an existential dead-end, an at second glance rather vulgar peak for a once-great People. The landed leadership, too, was even then becoming restricted to doing the dirty field work for the really burgeoning devolution of the nation’s destiny: Parliament. The aristocracy willing to brave danger and shed blood was increasingly being pushed out of real policy-making, and those nobles remaining in Parliament growing increasingly more diluted in nobility through contact with the rising influence of the (((merchants))). Indeed, through the years of its greatest extent the British Empire was instrumental in the worldwide spread of the Judaic Virus like no other parasitized nation on this Earth: until, that is, the mutation in turn of America into “America”.

Believing those colonies’ distance realistically necessitated self-rule, even if not necessarily a break in allegiance with that respected, we will not here contribute to the Parasite-pleasing rivalry between potentially-Aryan nations on whether the Americans should have seceded as they did. Now, more than ever, we must not be duped into national chauvinisms designed to atomize from potential-Imperivm and distract from what is best for the race. With this war’s fateful decision between these two methods of governing what were originally English people, then, we wish to examine here the practical effects of flaws in both systems that have led to both countries’ abysmal modern state.

We have already mentioned America’s original independent rule by its own landed aristocracy, who alone qualified to vote and hold office, very much a republic of peers. At first glance, not a terrible government to settle on if one’s monarch will not rule justly, widespread sentiment of crowning George Washington monarch of a new (still profane, from the judgment of Tradition) dynasty notwithstanding. The only problem was the ϝύβρις of (rather than seizing the opportunity for realigning to that Tradition which the West had fallen from before the English even came to Albion) entrusting the country’s fate to the debates and elections and whims of yet another version of Parliament – and how could a Parliament not corrupt and debase any gentlemen willing to take part in it? It has often been said that in order to work, a monarchy must have a worthy monarch. We would elaborate further: in order to work, a republic must have a worthy electorate! Likewise it’s often been observed by students of history that no democracy has ever failed to become a desolation. We would observe further: no republic has ever failed to become a democracy!

Such was certainly the fate of America, whose consistent tumble down the slippery slope of suffrage has seen the awful mutilation into the most powerful Enemy-ruled empire since the British, Soviet, or Persian? And what was so wrong with both systems? How did they both end up so appallingly instrumental in the war of extermination being waged against the Aryan Spirit?

Through (((Compromise))), readers: the gateway corruption proffered by (((the Merchant))) since its earliest corrosive influence upon our People.

There are strengths in both approaches, to be sure – and we would be wise to seek these strengths ourselves in the Future we seek to win for our People, for strengths we surely need to push through this Age of Dissolution – but even these were doomed to fail, for they were (((COMPROMISED))).

We need a strong Aristocracy, one truly dedicated to leadership and nobility, not susceptible to corruption. We need a paramount and superhuman Leader, one who points and shows the way higher rather than becoming the dead end to which all merely profane tributaries flow. We need the emphasis on and demands of Liberty (not “equality”, as John Randolph of Roanoke rightly said!), while cultivating that responsibility and judiciousness in the Folk within the rightful bounds of Hierarchy and Tradition. Furthermore, we need our Frontier, that calling towards Destiny that sharpens us with the greatest Self-and-Folk-reliance, courage, hardiness – Purpose. But NO (((COMPROMISE)))).

Finally, and as an inhabitant of “America” perhaps the most glaring and destructive of that country’s (((compromises))) to this admin, beware the fence-sitters. They infest every conflict, from the inert and shekel-enslaved bourgeoisie to the self-righteous and cowardly ‘centrists’ to the overwhelming majority of America’s own early war against “Britain” – and they will sit shamelessly through any war in order to ignobly (((compromise))) any ‘peace’ in which they are awarded the hard-fought rights of free men. Indeed, with a maximum 20% of American colonists estimated as being committed Loyalists and scarcely more fighting for secession – we are left with a vast and dead weight of disgusting, opportunistic fence-sitters. And what exactly happened when the Loyalists were expelled, leaving the fence-sitters an even greater proportional majority – in a republic?! (((Compromise))) doomed the fledgling nation from the start – as it always does.

So tonight, whatever country you reside in, bear in mind the principles of Tradition that remain eternal for all Aryan Peoples.

Think on what it will take to win all of our freedom to pursue Our Destiny.

Remember how we must shun and revile any and all (((compromise))) if we are to deliver a stable foundation for our children to ascend higher from.

Remember that fence-sitters are worse than honest enemies, and are rightfully slaves – better yet, fertilizer.

We’ll be talking more and more in the upcoming next phase of RWP about the most direct and practical actions we can all be taking to advance to Victory in Our Struggle.

Until then, think on the Tradition we must Struggle for, that of-

& Beauty-

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