Aryan? Or Christian?

Originally posted 16 January 2017

Part II of III

The Enemy-worshippers all seem to forget that for all its tender care beforehand, and the end of the day the (((shepherd))) still intends to eat the sheep

Read the quote.

Read it again.

“Better to live a day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.”

It speaks to you, somewhere deep down on an atavistic level, doesn’t it? Somewhere in the core of who you are, you know that to be a slave is to be intolerable. That a day as King (or Queen!) is preferable to a lifetime of a head held low in shame. Now, read this.

“A living dog is better than a dead lion. For the living know they will die; but the dead do not know anything, nor have they any longer a reward, for their memory is forgotten.”

Reach down into that same core that burned bright just seconds ago. How does your gut react? Does it recoil? Does it twitch with disgust? Does the idea that a dead hero would be forgotten tighten your muscles and steel your nerves? Do you rationalize bending knee and scraping pride to “live one more day?” Or do you recall the Battle of Thermopylae? Heroes whose battle was fought almost 2500 years ago, and who still live on in legend? Empires have risen and fallen, we have mastered entire continents and even put men on the Moon in that time, yet those three hundred lions are still spoken of in awed words and prideful tones.

Do you know the second quote? Its from the Old Testament. Ecclesiastes 9:4-5. It chafes against your soul, doesn’t it? That part of you that pushes back against such a disgraceful way of living? That is your Aryan soul. YOUR SOUL, struggling to break free of a lifetime of bonds placed by a foreign spirituality.

I can hear my brothers protest. “Deus Vult!” I hear them cry. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with me. Say it again. Envision it. The Saracen invades. On New Years Eve, in Cologne, Germany, they rape German girls literally in the shadow of Gothic architecture. Feel the outrage well forth within your soul. Let your skin get hot. Sense your pulse in your temples as time slows down and your mind prepares for war. Now say it again. “DEUS VULT!”

Tell me where that came from. Was that a pious Christian, committed to turning the other cheek when slapped? Or did that bellow forth and vibrate your body from a place that is distinctly European? Is there a part of you that cautions care, and understanding? To “love your enemies?” Is that the European part of you? Or the Christian whispering back to you?

When you place your mind towards spirituality, and Man’s beginning, what story is YOURS? An observer who speaks, and things happen? Who fashions “man” from dust, to wander without thought or care for anything? Who were given rules upon which to live by, and were punished for not following those rules?

Or of an All Father who wrests control away from Chaos and shapes the world according to his Will? Before him stands Chaos. Unreason. Barbarism. The reptilian brain.

I already know the answer, and so should you. When we looked around at our environment, we built Civilization and pushed back the Wilds. We expanded outwards. Even with the yoke of foreign spiritualities upon our backs, our spirits pushed forth. Into the Dark Continent we moved, and seeing only barbarism and unreason there, we civilized it. That is, until colonialism became passé. We discovered the New World, rich in resources, wild and uncivilized, and in what is historically the barest flash of light, we built the greatest, most prosperous nation the planet has ever known, envied for its rights, its wealth, and its opportunity.

What do you do for a living? Do you perhaps build houses? Motor vehicles? Have you dreamed of buying a plot of land and building your own house on it? This is YOUR story, written thousands of years ago. THESE are the stories that speak to you, that whisper their Truths to your Soul, for they are YOUR stories, and YOUR truths.

This is who YOU are. The King. The Lion. The sheep and shepherd are anathema to us, for we do not passively roam, but for the occasional prodding of a spiritual shepherd-father. OUR spiritual father would have us take up His mantle and bring Order and Civilization to the world in Our Image. As Odin. As Zeus. As dozens of others who wrested control of a chaotic world away from Unreason, and birthed Civilization.

This is your birthright. To live as a lion. For one day. For a hundred years. For All Time, into Eternity.

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