Christianity As Proto-Bolshevism, & the Traitors Hiding In Plain Sight

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 19,2017.

The Divine King against the Usurper.

When I see the shills for Kikestianity running around with their spiritual Stockholm Syndrome, literally using arguments like the presence of crosses on modern flags, Jewsus Wuz Wite, Muh Jewsades, and, my new personal favorite, “Jewsus is for ALL ‘PEOPLE!'” I can’t help but wonder just how serious so-called Right Wing Aryans are about cultivating their unconquerable Aryan souls.

As Evola implies in this quote, Kikestianity initially injected its poison by creating a separation between Our Gods and Our Rulers. It declared, “Oy gevalt, Goyim! Your master might rule over you here in the physical plane, but you are all (((equal))) on the spiritual plane!” while also arguing no Earthly Ruler could wield spiritual power. “Oy vey, Jewsus is King of Kings!”

Once again, remembering that all things descend from the Spiritual, the Master and the Servant cannot be Equal spiritually, if they are unequal physically. Something is different, and to render different things equal is to suppress the superior, never to raise up the inferior. And again, we see similar inversions when we explore separating our Philosopher Kings, the best of us, cut off from all spiritual power.

So I ask our Readers tonight, one simple question.

How can you hope to conquer the Jew on the Physical plane, when you are separated from the True Power of your Aryan Soul? How can you hope to Rise Above on this plane, when (((Muh Jewsus))) renders all (((equal))) on the Spiritual plane? How can you know who the Greatest of you is, who is most fit to rule, when his Spiritual Aptitude, his Union with the Gods, is irrelevant?

Because if Our Spiritual Traditions are not recovered and set upon their proper course by You, then all of Your Struggle is for NOTHING.

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