Originally posted 2 June 2017

One day, we MUST shut their lying mouths!

“Equality”. A concept so “true” that it can never be presented to stand on its own as a real fact, but always requires some sort of (((social))) action to enforce arbitrarily upon the real state of affairs. And always will require more such actions, as the Truth of Nature will always reassert itself upon the lies of Nature’s (((Enemy))), until either Total Victory over the Enemy, or the Enemy’s total defeat of beauty, order, and cleanliness.

“Equality” is saying that equal to the Aryan Spirit are the races of Africkans which in the single most resource-rich potential paradise of a continent have created rather than works of beauty in music and stone – not even the iron plough, or the wheel! – but a festering pit of savagery and venereal disease.

“Equality” is saying that equal to the Aryan Spirit are the strains of Semites and their monotheist minions who with the nearby examples of Ægypt, Anatolia, Persia, Hellas – could do nothing other than worship a depraved and merchantly tumour of a Jewish “god”, debasing all to the grossly material and corrupting all nobler races’ aspirations to the spiritual, paving the way for Christian and Secular Marxism both.

And speaking of the Tribe That Lies, this brings us to the truly sinister (((agenda))) behind the whole (((media))) enforced narrative of “equality” in the first damned place:

Inferior things can only be made “equal” at the expense of the superior. Gone on too long, with the superiority of the superior availing naught when their children and heirs have their views shaped by and in many cases even literally worship the (((Enemy))) as deified Greatest Ally™? That very superiority can be bred into extinction. “Equality” is pushed on us, readers and friends, by the Enemy for one reason that is very dear to its grasping and wicked “heart”: its makes us weak. It tricks our misled but, speaking practically in terms of results, still treacherous (we do not have the luxury of stupidity or complacency, and Aryans do not want such Fate-poisoning luxuries!) racial dead-weight of the blue pill into contributing to an epochal loss of differentiation. Of superiority. Finally, a world without Aryans. Where the (((Enemy))) can be at last the superior “race” in a dismal landscape lacking any representatives of what is truly Higher. An (((Enemy))) victory through subversion and poison that we will have allowed – through lack of ruthlessness? In other words, lack of Love for what truly matters in this world and those potential others of our racial Destiny?

Say with me, Now and For All Time: NEVER!

We all must choose, what the Struggle of Our Lives in Our Time will turn out to Mean. The admins of this page, and a truly heartening array of those few others out of the whole that we are priviledged to know, already have Chosen:

& Cleanliness-

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