Eastre Special: On Diseases & Compromises

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 16, 2017.

“But, but this version of the (((Virus))) has saved us for itself from that version of the (((Virus)))!

If a virus feeds on conditions of rot and decay, it will be most successful by hitching a ride on other organisms to transport it to feeding sites. Ideally, animals also prone to seeking out rot and decay. Its only real existential threat is a species – let’s say, lions – whose regulatory role as apex predator keeps the region clean and balanced enough to avoid susceptibility to the disease.

So the virus attaches itself to some hyenas, which begin ingratiating themselves with the lions by bringing food, gifts, flattering and serving, making the lions lazy and inflating their egos. All things considered, most of the lions don’t even notice or care about the gradual breakdown of their once-clean home, and the steady increases of the virus amongst them – those few that do are quickly killed or exiled for daring to slander or even to question what is clearly the period of the lions’ peak greatness.

But over time, slow as it is, the region sinks into filth, darkness, and the perfect feeding ground for the virus consuming lions and hyenas both. The lions are a disturbing shadow of their former selves, whose false pride alone has maintained its former scope and scale. However, something new is on the horizon: from the further desert lands, an enormous flock of vultures descends upon the polluted lands, smelling death and hungry for the dying. They come from practically the same environment as the virus, they are only a more recent evolution of the same tendency, now come to compete over the poisoned lions and their land. The virus is furious, if such human feeling can be attributed to this inhuman thing – with all its parasitic hold over hyenas and democratic sway over decadent lions both, it rallies that strange ‘Union for Dissolution’ into a defence against the ravening vultures. After a hard fight in which the still-slumbering inner spirit of the lions wakes up just enough to prevail for parasitized slumber once again, the vultures are repelled for a time. All is declared good in the fallen kingdom, for the virus is saved.

As it is phrased to the lions: the lions are saved.


The Vultures of Mahometism? The Hyenas of Christianism? What about their mutual source – the (((Virus)))? The only thing that doesn’t lead to a future ruled and consumed by the Virus is what it slanders and fears the most: INTOLERANCE.

 Do not compromise. Physically, morally, or spiritually.

A Parable on Good Goyim of the (Circumcised, De-lionized) Spirit, by

  • Vəhrka

To all our uncompromised readers and friends, we wish you the happiest, most wondrous, youthful, and beautiful Great Day of the Sun. Whatever incarnation in whatever Aryan Tradition of the beautiful and life-loving Dawn-goddess heralding Bald’s Return – whether the Vedic Uṣás, Hellenic Ϝηώς, Roman Avróra, or even our own English Eastre – to all of the pure and golden we wish Strength Through Joy for all the bright Sun’s resuming reign.

And don’t forget – it’s never ‘out of style’ to crucify (((subversive))) criminals.

  • The Right Wing Philosophy Staff

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