Enemies by Birth & Enemies by Choice

Originally posted to RWP I on 1 March, 2017

The Enemy MUST oppose us – the traitor CHOSE to!

Nothing stirs the European soul to hatred quite so much as betrayal. For a people who so value our honor and our word, to not only have a person of our own blood lie to us to our faces, but to earn our trust and spit on it, is completely unforgivable. Rightly so, we revile history’s traitors centuries after the betrayal was committed.

Our People have plenty of enemies. We have plenty of people who would see us extinguished from Eternity, so they may lay claim to what was ours, for about five minutes before they destroy it. We have enemies who would even pretend to *be* us, to better masquerade as the parasites they are (clever are the ones among us who can spot their tricks with ease!). In a strange way, one might even understand that they are acting in the same way we do, fighting for their place in the world, and at the least respect that. Yet there is one among our enemies who deserve only the worst of our scorn. Our Own Kind, turned against us.

White Liberals.
Good Goys.
European Communists.

There is nothing so disgraceful as fighting to steal the fruits of a man’s labor of your own kind, to give to a tribe not your own. There is nothing more disgusting than thinking yourself on the moral high ground when you turn your back on your own kind, to help someone who just as soon would cut your throat. And why? To assuage your own self loathing at having never achieved anything in life, by diminishing the mighty accomplishments of those who used their life with greater focus and determination? For the pompous chance to virtue signal, and run back to your (((masters))) and tell them how you were able to self flagellate just a little deeper?

They don’t care about you. And in all likelihood, THEY HATE YOU.

And because they pat you on the head as you destroy your own kind, you fancy yourself the moral victor.

There Can Be Only One answer to these traitors.

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