Eulogies & Vows: A Dirge For Misgenesis

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 11, 2017.

Leftists’ words may lie, but their soul-houses never can

If I were pressed to answer with just a single thing that will be most missed in CAF’s absence, it would have to be the main admin, Misgenesis’, complete and constant frame of reference that informed every stark and uncompromising post and statement.

That frame of reference, which no CAF post ever failed to make abundantly clear, was that of War. Misgenesis can never be accused of trying to set readers up for failure by sugar-coating or skirting around what was ultimately necessary for any truly final solution towards Victory. And during the whole duration of CAF’s Work, we rested secure that this was being consistently stated again and again, for as often as it took, freeing us in our Work to address what fell to us to present. Now the guns of CAF have fallen silent insofar as faceberg is concerned – and we want to turn, tonight, to that cold, hard clarity that informed CAF’s Reminder – of What It Takes.

We, CAF, It Was My Privilege, The Last Bastion, and others have said again and again: The (((Evil))) of our era cannot be defeated with resolutions and votes.

Rather, it can onlyfor Our People’s Holy Sake, IT MUST! be defeated with Resolution of Force!

The Left carries its self-justification for violence implicitly: whether the acceptability (who am I kidding? the desirability!) of censorship over disagreeable data or opinions, or the self-righteous rhetoric of their oh-so-righteous fight for freedom from any standards of decency or humanity, or in the at-least-more-honest but animalistically regressed violence of the open terrorism that is always the next step when they are not capitulated to quite enough to suit them.

Are these the only options, then? Capitulate to the Left utterly, giving it full power to be as ruthlessly totalitarian as it has hypocritically projected onto the Right while committing worse atrocities during each and every subversive revolution without exception since the (((Virus’))) first intrusion from out of ancient Palestine? Elsewise, to take the slow (wouldn’t want to grow too frightened!) and obligingly narcotized but certainly no less ugly and fatal route of (((compromise))) after (((compromise))) halfway after halfway, until even the blindest Zeno of Elea learned just how decisively arrows can reach targets that confuse rationalizations with Thinking?

No, Readers: a thousand times No! There is an Other Option, one that points a path to Victory for our People – if we are strong enough to walk it! It might best be summarized memorably by that response of Stonewall Jackson )

to Dr. Hunter McGuire (“What shall we do, General, with such vast numbers against us?”) when surrounded at Fredericksburg:

“Kill them, kill them all, sir! Kill every man!”

If this is not something you are willing to do, you esteem some thing, or any number of things – more than your own People. This page does not address you in Our Struggle for your potential People’s potential Destiny.

If your Honour is Loyalty to your People, if you Hail Victory as the noblest laurels Destiny can bestow – on Victors! – this precious Time we enjoy right now is some of the only Time you have left to prepare for the Real Thing.

Even if there were no War looming in which our Struggle for Destiny faced perhaps its last chance, an Aryan Soul could only look upon the dysgenic untermensch pictured tonight with revulsion and horror – and Struggle all the more to DIE rather than be or become such a wretched thing. But even these sheep to the slaughter are only half of the picture: the Libertarian Left is what the Authoritarian Left wants you to be in order to be easily subjugated by the Authoritarian Left. To win the War upon which our People’s future hinges, you will have to train to defeat the Left’s pawns and thugs as well. We will talk more on this in days to come: but on This Day you have a Duty to examine our Struggle yet again, and Make The Decision – How Far Is “Too Far”?

As for us?


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