From Right Knowledge, To Right Action

Originally posted to RWP I on 25 March, 2017

Part II of III

Call every knowledge emptily mocking which does not Inspire – to DO SOMETHING!

Last night we spoke on the importance of Right Knowledge: on the harmony of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth in the Ordering of a renewed Civilization. This concept is so important to us that in expressions of Aryan Tradition as geographically far-flung as the Dharmic Varnas and Plato’s Academe, the Brahmins and the Philosopher-Kings respectively were placed in the topmost caste in the Hierarchy so that, with a stable foundation in Truth, the ontological scaffolding of the Civilization might support as high a climb for the People as possible.

However, this κόσμος we find ourselves in is not a simple blank space or neutral background in which all our dreams are realized effortlessly. There are background forces, such as Entropy, and foreground foes, such as the Left, that would passively or actively impede the Ascent implicit in Hierarchy’s pyramidal orientation – and this informs the very real need for Struggle in order to prevail over these forces of Dissolution that would see us revert to animalism (Entropy), or lower (the Left). It is in the spirit of this necessary Struggle that we consider the next highest manifestation of Dharma, of Duty, in the Upward course of Aryan Civilization: in the example of the Varnas, the Kshatriyas; in the example of the Academe, the Guardians. Tonight we’ll share a few thoughts on the expertise and calling of the warrior caste, Right Action.

All the Right Knowledge in the world avails us nothing if the Enemy, by force or by farce, is allowed to seize the reins of Destiny and doom our promise-laden Future to the Leftist idolization of the subhuman. This is why any Civilization daring to cohere Right needs a strong warrior caste to defend the dictates of Right Knowledge against the vectors of Dissolution – and, all too often, the best Defence turns out to be an Attack!

This is why the Dissolution embodied by the Left has sought to divide the castes – the process of ‘atomization’ described in a recent post.

Where our Civilization was led by a regal caste according to Understanding, the Enemy undermined this with the (((poison))) of Anariya religion. Where our Civilization was championed by a warrior caste according to Honour, the Enemy diverted them by shackling that good faith to a false (((master))). As we plan to address tomorrow night, where even in the deprivation of a Civilization our Folk, our generative caste, might still renew our People according to their dharma of Fertility – without leaders of Right Knowledge to guide them and champions of Right Action to defend them, our People has been the sport of the Enemy’s vilest perversions and prostitutions.

In order for our Folk, the still faintly beating Heart of our People, to have a chance at mere Survival (let alone great Destiny!), they are going to need a renewal, restoration, and Resurgence of both – Guardians and Philosopher-Kings, Hands and Brains.

Our Readers – our People: would you Survive? THEN YOU MUST LEARN TO FIGHT! With Heart, Hands, and Brains to the greatest extent you are able, because the higher you are able to scale Hierarchy’s pyramid the greater the demands on you – and the greater the Need for you – in this Struggle. If you rest within the sacred Foundation of our Folk, it is your Duty to pursue Beauty. If you climb higher to take your stand on the Walls, you are called upon to pursue Beauty and Power. If you are driven to the still greater demands of the Heights, you must exemplify leadership in Beauty, Power, and Wisdom.

 And we need all three. We need Fertility, so that we continue to have a People. We need Understanding, as this page can usually be found expounding. But neither of these will stand if we do not DEFEND THEM from those who HATE THEM. And, once again: often the best defence turns out to be an attack.

& Beauty-

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