Fruitless Dialogue & Other Leftist Diversions

Originally posted to RWP I on 28 February, 2017

When the time for talk has passed, do not be the one caught with their mouth still open

We of the Right have seen a vast and wondrous corpus of language and literature flourish under the ægis of our presently besieged Civilization. It is no wonder that we exult in the pride and glory of this, our heritage and our birthright. Two chief delights of running the page you have been so kind as to follow are the twin sword-edges of sharing momentous utterances, and waxing (lovably in spite of lengthiness, we hope!) eloquent in accompanying commentary of our own. Yes, we of the Right very understandably love the exercise and enjoyment of this inheritance of culture, the expounding of meaning and the commingling of minds.

And yet, not unoften must a line be drawn in this Age of Filth, in which the bounds of discourse must needs be delimited, lest our precious gift and trust be profaned. Hangers-on through the culture’s doors opened by the unjust charity of a slave morality, the hostile pariahs and untouchables of former times seek to gain entrance to our halls of thought and speech, venomously insinuating and subversively corroding the culture that they hate – which has been fooled into admitting them “equally” as a part of its own consensual suicide. Do Not Be Fooled!

Marxists; mongrels; monotheists: the aggrandizing agents and virulent vectors of the Left behave as though they have the right to speak or opine or be heard out. And that chance was given them, from the very beginning: but those demands of (((equality))) were only a ruse and a trick, a foot in the door of our discourse and communication. And once they were in? Once they had their platform, were met with concessions to their demands? They wanted More, demanded More, took More just like the insatiable tumour-cultists they are. Hear this: the Left has proven it does not deserve the discourse of decent human beings.

They will whine about “fairness” – as if they have any intention of being fair to you. They will protest about “equality” – as if (((Egalité))) has not been the watchword for some of their most violent hypocrisies. They will bluff about your “inability” to argue your point – as if they’re truly pursuing objective understanding, or using the Right’s heritage of discourse as anything other than a lulling ruse to enable their use of ruthless force.

Finally, when you begin to really frighten the Leftist and threaten its self-entitlement to impunity in assaulting our culture and Civilization, it will engage in all manner of feints and distractions, again with words, only words. Remember that their words are completely hollow, with NO ULTIMATE TRUTH to back them up. The Left deals in deceit and illusion, and when you address these desperate diversions you are only playing into what they want: moving away from where you endangered them, and dealing instead with mere tricks and shadows of – nothing.

When the Leftist slaps and spits at you frantically, don’t be shifted: keep applying pressure. Follow through with the choke, and grow stronger in your Victory even as their blows, and their breaths, grow weaker in defeat. Let your Words be bonded essentially to your Actions – not empty and impotent as the Leftists’ are when not mistaken for being real. In this way, you will triumph, with Words or with Actions – for with you, they will be the same.

When The Leftist Swats At You:
Keep Right On Choking,

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