Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Originally posted 24 November 2016

Don’t waste your life and happiness trying to be what you’re told to want to be – Become That Which You Truly Are

In the spirit of yesterday’s post during today’s festivities, we at RWP would like not only to wish all our readers the happiest and most fulfilling of Thanksgivings, but the gift of inspired reflection during this celebration of bounty.

Not in the morbid sense of mere capitalism, an equally materialistic counterpart to Marxism rather than its true opposite – which would be something beyond-material, something spiritual – but in the transcending and transfiguring sense of that immaterial χρῖσμα that invests the physical Signs with the power of Symbols.

In this symbolic communion of joy in harvest, take a little time to appreciate the metaphysical intimations more aptly grasped through physical symbols, and do not underestimate the importance of Family, of Blood. This Blood is one of the very potent Bridges between the physical and the Beyond, and living up to this Blood is one of the great duties of the individual and the inherited dhárma of the clan. Listen to your Blood.

Til Árs ok Friðar,

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