If It Weren’t For Double Standards, The Left Would Have None At All

Originally posted 11 January 2017

Creation of the Positive Necessitates Destruction of the Negative

For an ideology that constantly (on the surface, at any rate) espouses Tolerance™ (and worse), the Left sure does have a long and well-practiced list of things that it Loves™ to hate (I guess this degree of inclusion would be Diversity™). The Left may call the enduring core of the Right “reactionary” as if a wholly anterior worldview can somehow be defined only in relation to a recent ailment, but (psychologically projecting) once again, it is the Left that seems most blinded to the fact that its every statement from the French Revolution on is exactly that: always reactive (and violently so – for Tolerance™), always directed at destroying something superior and anterior (for Equality™), always predicated from its very beginnings on hatred for anyone daring to dissent (from Freedom™). And why is this?

The Left certainly doesn’t know – not the obedient drones, the ones Yuri Bezmenov classified as “useful idiots” (RWP note: Mr. Bezmenov deserves a quote and article of his own, later). Indeed, the very visceral and wholly unreflecting nature of their conditioned prejudices (for Open-mindedness™) takes the form of a truly pathological running-away from reflection or analysis. The Leftist, adhering to its atomizing and levelling ideology precisely for its lack of demand and quality on the (Unique™! Free-thinking™! Etc.™!) individual, directs all of its unrealized self-loathing onto those figures that unconsciously remind of its neglect in self-realization. And why is this? Why be subliminally inflamed in this way by all these diverse focꟾ of hatred (coming from the Left? of resentment) in this long catechism of blame and the violent rage of frustrated ignorance coupled with spiritual impotence? What do these acceptable targets of The Brave™ all have in common: from Hitler to the hard sciences, from the military to the leftists’ parents?

I’ll tell you:

The Left HATES those who profess and uphold Standards. The Leftist is unwilling to even try to truly develope and differentiate itself, and it hates the idea of others having the freedom to do so. It tries every means at its disposal – and they are all base and cowardly – to trick those they resent, to poison their minds against themselves, to contribute in good faith as the Leftist cannot to the dismantling of anything reaching higher than the Leftist deems suitably Inclusive™.

This can be seen in conversation. It can be seen in music. In other arts. In politics. In spirituality.

There is NOTHING that the Leftist is willing to consider sacred, for the Leftist lacks the capacity for realizing the sacred. And the Leftist’s resentful rage will, thus, dæmonize and desecrate and ultimately destroy anything wise, powerful, or beautiful that its deceitful ploys of Tolerance™ can dupe overly generous souls into permitting.

Wherever it goes, the Leftist must destroy what is lofty, because where human beings become inspired to better themselves the Leftist becomes enraged through feeling already entitled to absolute liberty without the development of any superior quality whatsoever – talk about Privilege™!

And that is why, until the last Leftist is in pieces or in chains, the world and all its remaining wisdom, power, and beauty – will always be in danger from those who resent what illuminates their inadequacy. Because until then, in the effrontery of quantity against quality – quality will always be outshouted.

What Is Worth Loving-
Is Worth Defending,

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