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Originally posted to RWP I on 23 March, 2017

Part I of III

“Beauty is only subjective,” say the Vectors of Ugliness

We’ve been getting some really fantastic private messages and visitor posts lately that only further bolster our resolve and commitment to what we are doing here: because this page demonstrably attracts readers from all over the world of real intelligence coupled with an inherently practical emphasis, and these are the people who get things done. One recent visitor post touches on something so essential that we find it necessary to split our response into three main prongs of attack – for those of you not following every little detail, this little series of posts has been instigated by the following:

“So what do we do? What are our options, and what does our future look like, from your perspective? What is the ideal game plan for success?

“Is it simply education? War? Both?

“I think that if the masses knew about the truth behind the holocaust, it would create a much needed domino effect of lies being unraveled. If the lies surrounding the holocaust collapse, so do many others. It’s a support beam running straight through the foundation of so many important matters.

“But then again, I sometimes unfortunately think only bloodshed will reverse the damage. What do you think?”

In examining our options, let’s first consider the playing field, this (rightfully, Our) Earth – yes, we see Our Destiny amongst the Stars, but not until decisively unfucking all the weaknesses and delusions that have brought about the Abysmal (regarding that capitalization, see the recent observations about Nietzsche) atrophy of our childhood home ON OUR WATCH (yes, other races may be doing most of it, but who exactly LETS them?), lest we become mere cosmic locusts or space-gypsies doing beyond our own planet what we have done upon Earth so well: through the auspices of the Parasites’ religious and secular shystering, SPREADING THE PARASITE WITH OUR OWN SWEAT AND BLOOD.

Now on this very special and very sacred Earth that is so WORTH fighting for with the dreams of the Stars in our hearts, all possibilities, when traced to their logically concluded and inevitable outcomes will ultimately resolve into one of three major possibilities by the time of the eventual Moment of Decision when it comes to the Last Remaining Chance for fulfilling our Destiny:

  • Assuming a total lack of ambition or Struggle in anyone on this Earth (to include mere ‘individualists’ whose abdication of organization and of genetic/traditional legacy sees them as historical irrelevancies outside their own selfish lifetimes), it is theoretically possible for the creative races to grow so deluded and dysgenic that they forget their Potential and become like the animals: scenery, perhaps charming if you’re into Wellsian Eloi but ultimately of no consequence outside the pathos of hypothetical observers. Nature’s Law of Entropy would take hold, without any defiant and determined Will to carve an Ordre from Chaos, and whatever eventual end result would be met, best case scenario, in the manner evinced by those animals that are supposed to be animals. Worst case scenario? ‘We have invented happiness,’ the last “men” would say – and then blink. However, the uncontested existence or the triumph of any Will greater than the Natural Entropy will result in one of our other two eventual finales to this cosmic score.
  • If uncontested, or allowed to triumph over the Right, the Left would seize the reins of Destiny to pursue its ideal of the Subhuman. Being ultimately materialist, the Left-dominated future would find no escape from Entropy – indeed, its flight from Hierarchy, from Spirit, and from Ascent would see it fleeing towards destruction and the hastening of the final NO to our great Potential. Whilst the well-merited logical conclusion to these Morlockian culminations of Leftist ambition might satisfy us were we present to observe – any humans deserving of the name WILL DIE rather than see Our Potential trapped upon this road. Since Our People are still faltering at the crossroads with their collective dicks in their soft hands, though, why don’t we take a cue from General Patton and consider winning rather than dying?
  • Always contested, always resented, always poisoned and perverted, sabotaged and subverted and subjected to endless merchantly machinations bent on its total eradication, only if we commit to complete and uncompromising Struggle for Total Victory might we see a triumph for the Right. This requires not only the Will needed to overcome our playing field’s natural background of Entropy, but that necessary for the UTTER ERADICATION OF THE LEFT that intends to UTTERLY ERADICATE US. It’s the choice between two Destinies: Down or Up, Subhuman or Superhuman, Death or Life, Waste or Potential.

So much, then, for options, future, perspective. As to education, yes, the nature of this page’s unfolding must say something for our conviction of the Necessity for elucidating the True Right and everything relevant to Victory. Even though the Left’s perversion of tonight’s quote is observed in Marxist education for “love” of what is or culminates in the subhuman, we of the Right agree with Πλάτων on the importance of true Understanding, just as we do his expounding of an ideal state in his ‘Republic’ (not to be confused with a ‘republican’ form of government, rather the common Latin translation of that work as Rés Pvblica, ‘matters pertaining to the Géns at large’). If the Work of this page lends itself to the Inspiration of future Creators and Warriors and Philosopher-Kings, we will consider one of our ambitions well-met indeed. Did I say ‘if’? IT IS OUR WILL.

However, Victory is not won by Right Education – it is only made possible by it. Let’s use your example, intrepid correspondent, of the lucrative and powerful dogma that Miguel Serrano has dubbed Holocaustianity. You’re exactly right about its being a major lynchpin supporting the whole débâcle of the modern world. It’s very telling, really: whilst the moral and spiritual corrosion of Judaic cynicism and ironism have not hesitated to colour (as an example of a thoroughly (((media))) saturated subject, popular American) opinions on such conflicts as Annam, Sumer, Afghaunistan, etc., notably the First and especially the Second World War are strictly Verboten when it comes to exacting examination. To this day, all but the most TRULY ‘individualistic’ are conditioned so as to be incapable of contemplating that Struggle as anything less than a holy war, an unquestionable Jewsade of (((righteousness))) against Eur— against, that is, Pure & Objective Evil™. Upon examination, it’s not so much a scientific standard for history (did I mention standards? what a Bigoted Nazi Bigot™!) as a (((monotheistic))) grade superstitious dogma. And how do (((monotheists))) react to challenge (to actual diversity)? Think of how You first reacted to Awakening from the educational narcotics of the Tribe That Lies – only with less of the pushing through and struggling for Truth, and more of the shock. The anger. The violence? This is exactly why Right Knowledge alone will never achieve Victory – it needs pairing with Right Action, which is WHAT IT WILL TAKE.

Though the ones who will react to Challenge with the standards of the Seeker rather than the violence of the (((Monotheist))) are still few and far between this side of Victory, Der Wille zur Macht is at work on a decisive examination of Holocaustianity – which, to be done properly, will take some time to complete for presentation here. In the meantime, and until tomorrow’s counterpart post on Right Action in defence of our Destiny:

Hail Victory,
Seize Destiny, &
Win the Earth!

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