Liberty Versvs “Equality”

Originally posted  22 November 2016

Eagles are eagles. Fish are fish. Can this really be so very difficult?

A theoretical “perfect equality” is torn asunder the moment someone looks around and tries to better their life condition.

Many of you may be familiar with something called the 90/10 Principle, in which 90% of the work is done by 10% of the people, and 90% of the problems are caused by 10% of the people. Where the middle 80% are simply content to work hard, come home to dinner, children and a wife, and enjoy the fruits of their day’s labor. Within 10% of us is a burning, Faustian desire to reach for the stars and pursue greater glory. Just the same, there is a desire of 10% to try to get by on doing as little work as possible, and maximize their leisure.

Liberty allows both the visionary builder, and the idle loafer to enjoy the benefits of the work he puts forth: be it a great and mighty life, or one of squalor. It allows the middle 80% to see the stark contrast in difference, urging the average man away from laziness and towards the sky. Most importantly, it allows every man to choose for himself his own path, and to live by the consequences of that path.

Equality seeks to render the Achiever like that of the 80%, crushing his Faustian spirit, and all the glory others may know because of his achievements. Just the same, it seeks to raise up the lazy man out of his squalor which he rightfully earned, to that of the man who works for his leisure. When the average man looks around to his Greaters and his Lessers, who will he seek to emulate? The visionary who had his spirit crushed, or the idle man whose standard of living has been raised from that of (well earned!) destitution to that of the working man? “Why should I work for what I have when he has been given it for free?” And rightfully so, should he ask this!

Resentment grips all three groups, as the consequences of their actions are hindered from bearing fruit according to Natural Law. They begin to hate one another as the system falls apart, and the adherents to this illusory idea of “equality” spin more desperately a seductive web of lies to compensate for the imbalances. It is only through the restoration of Natural Law, to that of Liberty, that the three groups are satisfied according to their efforts.

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