Mortal Gods, Immortal Deeds

Originally posted to RWP I on 3 March, 2017

Part I of III

A lot of the false right sure have the Enemy confused with the Self…

We’ve been proud, in earlier posts (for instance, here and here), to roundly expose both the spiritual miscegenation of Cuckstianity and the spiritual castration of materialism as twin (((Enemy))) stratagems to weigh our people down to that sole arena in which the merchantly wares are freest to corrupt and subvert. Since we’ve discussed the proffered wares of spiritual castration here frequently, tonight we’ll spend some time on those of spiritual miscegenation, starting with the whole setup of the con.

But where does this leave our people? The spiritual laziness of agnosticism? The juvenile neurosis of secular “human”-ism? The laughable farce of wiccers, asafakes, and other ‘trendgans’ who may paint superficial European faces on their caricature gods while betraying an utterly Middle Eastern morality and soul-poisoning?

To claim to be “Ârya” – yet to serve?

To claim to be “heathen” – yet to pray?

To claim to be “different” – yet to be exactly the same, with a little extra helping of exotic accessorized-identity for the oh-so-special?

As with so many things, those who do the most talking so seldom have the substance to back it up. But we founded this page in order to force ourselves to do some talking on some things in spite of ourselves, and several of you have been asking about this very thing, so let’s see how far the next three posts or so can take us on Aryan Spirituality 101 from the perspective of the True Right.

One way in which it can be so daunting to even approach the topic lies in the sheer mountain of lies and generational conditioning levelled against us by millennia of resentful culture-saboteurs. In an entire (typically, when you consider the whole setup of their modern world!) false choice-presentation between two hand-puppets of the same eternal shyster, the approved playing field for all potentially dangerous goyim is outlined: either the merchants’ morality of materialism, or the slaves’ religion of Cuckstianity. And of course according to the officially sponsored narrative these are the only decisive choices remaining, without delving irrevocably into murkier (((compromise))), when one accepts the merchant-administered (gratis, suckers!) ‘game rules’ including the following ignoble lies:

  • “If you’re going to believe in anything metaphysical at all, our handy-dandy one-Jewish-god (half price today only!) makes just as much sense as anything, and we guarantee it’s the only thing you’ll ever need for anything we intend that you do! This is a limited time offer, act now because you never know about that eternal hellfire – one of (((us))) made a famous wager, after all!”

The appeals of “we’re all equal” should sound much more familiar when you take them from the sphere of gods and compare them to the same “people’s” Civilization-undermining rhetoric about people and peoples. You must never fail to identify this spiritual relativism, because rendering you unable to tell the difference between an Aryan and a Parasite god is an essential component of the overall web of deceit between you as the enemy wants you to be, and you as the enemy fears your being.

  • “Well, actually, Cucktholicism/Goodgoythodox/(x) Kosher Religion™ is basically built on old European symbols and customs. Haha, after all that Not-Shoah’ing being (((Christ)))-infected is now the most pagan and European thing you can do – checkmate, there, purist!”

Should an Aryan person hear this any differently than as the spiritual equivalent of debased boasting over some liberal’s wife’s son’s “pretty much basically European” features, how they’re the “whitest” of the botched batch of mongrel mulattobabies on perverted display? An Aryan is a purist. There is nothing to (((compromise))) on here. If it’s foreign, if it’s (((Enemy))) – it has to go, back whence it came: the last garden these defilers turned into a desert.

  • “But did I mention it’s the same thing?! You are Literally™ exchanging a perfect and kosher deity for a whole gaggle of them with flaws and problematica and, and – ‘sins’! If you’re going to submit to a god, why submit to those gods?”

Are our gods “problematic”? Certainly, if you’re a foreigner with evil intent or a traitor serving the foreigner. And the Aryan gods can be particularly differentiated and therefore clashing like so many archetypal representations of our varied tribes. Indeed, Πλωτῖνος referred to ‘gods as immortal men and men as mortal gods’. And in that maxim we come to both our featured quote of tonight, and the curt dismissal of such Semitic superstitious notions as “sin” and “submission”.

These Do Not Apply To The Aryan Spirit.

Our gods (and that is extremely important and absolutely essential, our gods and not the Enemy’s) do not care about “sins” – the only sins in their eyes are the sins against the Folk, because it is the Folk that our People’s gods embody in their various ideal forms. Likewise, our gods do not want our “submission” – they want us to stand on our own feet, and take up their mantle. Not to be commanded by them, but inspired by them. Not to remain children, but to grow up. Not to live as sheep, but as MEN. As mortal gods.

Reject the Enemy’s made-up rules. Refuse to play its rigged game. Hel, flip the whole board in the Enemy’s scheming face, stand up from the Enemy’s table of influence, and act from the wider existence outside the board. And if you need someplace to dispose of the game board’s leftover pieces, you can reach over with a handful – and plug their lying mouths!

The Enemy Will Rule-
When You Play By Its Rules,

  • Vəhrka

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