Multiculturalism – Or, Reverse Colonialism

Originally posted 5 June 2017

Even the noblest racial traits are not an eternally free patrimony – they must be selected for

[On 31 March 2017] we shared a post about colonialism, with the intention of laying much of the groundwork for tonight’s post, about Multiculturalism, or more accurately, Reverse Colonialism.

Within the framework of a racially coherent nation (Germany for Germans, Britain for British, etc), the people of that nation, assuming their governments aren’t bought by the (((Ultimate Parasite))), are allowed to decide their own destiny. The best they have to offer guides the Volk to their ultimate Fate as a People, for Good or for Ill. The Empire their fathers and grandfathers passed to them can be added to and enjoyed by future generations. The Volk understand even on an atavistic level, all of their countrymen are united in preserving this legacy, and indeed, strengthening it.

Is it any shock then, that the Volk of a nation should be suspicious of foreigners who decide to live within their country? (As a small aside, the concept of the “immigrant” only exists in Western nations. You are not an “immigrant” outside Europe and the Americas, you’re a foreigner and possibly viewed as a usurper or invader). Is it of any surprise then, that the Volk should view the foreigner with suspicion, when he attempts to enjoy the legacy bequeathed to the Volk, even as the foreigner’s own legacy is somewhere else?

It is here that we come to understand the danger of Reverse Colonialism: The Foreigner is given power over a legacy his forefathers had no part in building. As a different ethnic group, his Destiny is different from that of the natives, and thus has an innate benefit to spend that legacy’s capital to his own benefit and the benefit of his own ethnic group.

Let us take for example the current state of the black racial group in the USA. The racial destiny of the dominant European stock is and will always be at odds with the racial destiny of the minority blacks in the USA. Assimilation, as was possible for the Poles, the Irish, the Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, and many, many other European ethnicities (after, of course, they had proven themselves to be interested in building the American legacy, and not spending it), has been proven to be impossible. From the black perspective, they are not in control of their own destiny! And how they fight for more and more control (in the form of welfare, a form of financial bondage, interestingly) from the dominant Europeans.

If there were any kind of intellectual honesty from blacks who desire greater control over their own racial destiny, they would be electing to secede or repatriate, where they and they alone can decide their own destiny, unchained once and for all to any other group. Instead they seek to drain or destroy the legacy capital of the dominant racial group.

And so it goes with the other racial groups. Europeans build worth while nations by continually building upon the legacy capital the nation enjoys (that whole “Why Rome was Great” thing), and foreign racial groups want to enjoy that capital without having contributed to building it, or worse, intending to drain or destroy it. This is the nature of why minority racial groups continually vote Leftist parties: Leftist parties sell off that legacy capital for votes. Truly, a match of apocalyptic proportions.

This is what’s called a racial invasion, and its goal is to spend, drain, and destroy the host country’s legacy capital for their own race’s benefit until there is nothing left but a shell. If Europeans are to continue to enjoy the life they do, they must begin to preserve this legacy capital, or it will be spent, out from underneath their noses, until there is nothing left but the charred, smoking remains of the cities their forefathers built.

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