Not One (((Compromise)))

Originally posted to RWP I on 26 March, 2017

Only Degenerates Complain About Purity

With the solitary exception of being Orthodox Cuckstian, Corneliu Codreanu was a fine example of what any one of us should aspire to be. He had sharp Aryan instincts. He was intelligent, charismatic, well spoken, and not afraid to get dirty. He held honor above all else. And he understood the JQ better than most do today.

Today Cancer Autismo Fiesta, part of this Axis of Uncompromising Far Right Pages, posted about Cooper Ward, the admin of the page Counter Signal Memes for Fashy Goys, and a person of note involved in TRS (the post appears to have been Shoah’d as of this writing, will edit if not the case). Ghoul, as he was known before being doxxed, apparently had a history of all kinds of degeneracy, involving at the very least relations with a Skypely Trap. This is something that has become so common in the “far ‘right'” community that it simply has to be addressed.

Right Wing Philosophy was actually started as an intellectual response to the shilling and (((compromising))) of other so-called “far ‘right'” pages, institutions and personalities. Nobody was willing to drive the spear into the mountain and lay claim to the Foundation of what being Truly Right meant, and thus were buffeted this way and that by the (((prevailing winds))).

This was no different in Codreanu’s battles, either, and is the purpose behind the quote. The quantity of “far ‘right'” pages doesn’t matter. Their “dank memes” don’t matter. The (((alt “right”))) leader Dickie Spencer and his precious National Policy Institute, doesn’t matter. The programs and institutions amount to NOTHING if the men behind them are not incorruptible.

Codreanu understood something vital, and he talked about it frequently. The (((Merchant))) uses our (((sins))) against us, and if we are not capable of rooting out and purging the (((cancer))) in our own souls, if we are not upright and honorable men, how can we possibly hope to conquer them? If the so called “leaders” of the “right” all turn out to be shills, degenerates, and pedophiles (who here still supports (((Milo)))? Anyone? No? Good), how can they possibly hope to combat a foe that uses bribery, sex, money and illusory power to corrupt?

Remember this every time someone dares to bring up the Purity Spiral. They desire nothing less than an unpurged weakness within Our Ranks, a degeneracy unchecked. A chink in the armor of Honor that girds us. If they will not purge the degeneracy within themselves, they themselves must be purged. It is these men, these Upright Men of Honor, that we need. Not more “programs.” Not more “pages.” Certainly not more “groups.” The Iron Guard used to say, “You know who you have to shoot.” Readers, I submit to you, “You know who you have to Be.”

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