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Originally posted to RWP I on 16 March, 2017

Otto von Bismarck was most expert in four things, and this quote isn’t about ‘laws and sausages’

It’s the day after Geert Wilders’ loss in the election in the Netherlands. The Dutch people apparently were able to stop holding up the Turkish flag for the fifteen seconds it takes to vote against their own interests, yet again. Nevertheless, I stand believing the Dutch have never had a chance to vote for their own interests in this entire election.

We decided when we started this page to try to stay “above” political commentary, to avoid cheer leading for this or that candidate, to avoid the squabbles of news cycles and the petty distractions of Twitter feeds and talking heads. We would commit ourselves to the spiritual health of Our People. It is in that spirit that we discuss the Dutch elections.

Geert Wilders, at best, is a Kosher Nationalist. Far from putting his own people first, he simply rode the wave of Populism, while maintaining (((compromised))) political positions. Bringing the hammer down on Islamism without also battling the root causes is foolhardy. Attempting to fight an infection while praising the (((source))) of the infection, on the other hand, shows only that he simply could not be trusted. He was a pressure valve for what might still be a boiling anger in the Dutch people. He was a bandage to put on top of a septic wound. He was an ineffective medicine for an illness Europe is only beginning to recognize.

Most of Europe, while sipping wine and eating yogurt and pastries from the local delicatessen for the past seventy years, forgot what it meant to struggle to survive. Insulated from awareness of real danger by protection via an American-spearheaded NATO, and made fat and lazy through Socialist programs, your average European is more a product of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville. Save in rare pockets of Western Europe, and in Eastern Europe where the needs of survival are still fresh in the minds of those who suffered under Soviet rule, “survival” for most Europeans means “not being disinvited from the local soirée.”

Instincts promoting survival, the ones whose loss turned the best race of warriors on the planet into enfeebled eunuchs, are not easily returned. One election after seventy years of effete and pretentious living isn’t going to magically grant the Dutch, the British, the French, the Germans, or anyone else, the willingness to actually exert themselves to survive.

No, these elections mean relatively little in the long term. Even if the supposed “populist dream team” managed to sweep across Europa this year, it would be for nothing if Her People never manage to steel their resolve long enough to pick up an axe and plant it in the skull of an invader. Survival begins there, and nowhere else.

Blut und Eisen,

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