Of Hawks & Grackles

Originally posted 19 May 2017

The truest path will unfold under the lightest touch of the reins

Five days ago I witnessed a powerful augury which may lend itself to some of your meditations. A hawk was gliding overhead, steady, silent, strong. Then at one point a common grackle took offense and began to pester the hawk mercilessly. Maybe it strayed too near a nest or a mate, or perhaps the mere presence of an apex-species upset the lesser bird’s sense of precious ‘safety’. Whatever the cause, the grackle flew around and bombarded the hawk with a barrage of dives and cackles, and the raptor was clearly about to be forced to notice the offending vermin.

Nature is marked by a very clear economy-of-energy, especially in higher and more complex creatures. The hawk, for its part, rightly preferred to expend its energy on worthwhile prey rather than teaching manners to a useless grackle, but the inferior bird insisted. However, the hawk has a very specific method to its killing – it must always attack true to its own nature, i.e. from above. Did I say killing? How drastic, how cruelly inappropriate, how disproportional – from the perspective of a grackle-morality

So the hawk kept its silence in the face of the grackle’s noise, it kept its course in the face of the grackle’s posturing, and it climbed higher, flattering the grackle’s ridiculous idea of chasing this noble bird in ‘retreat’. As the grackle pursued, though, its doom was plain. It would reach heights which were no place for its lower nature. It would falter. It would sink beneath the hawk to the zone proper to it, and after that much trouble from there the hawk would plummet like a lightning bolt upon its breaking body, rending it in the talons of natural justice before casting it down broken from the heavens.

Do not attend the cackling and pestering bustle of low and dirty birds. Conserve your energy in graceful poise, remembering always that the heights are the basis proper to a noble nature. And always engage from the high ground that is your heritage and birthright on the existential and ontological level.

There are noise-makers, and silence-makers.

Grackles and Hawks.

If you can, be a Hawk-

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