Of Natural Law & Spiritual Truth

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 1, 2017.

Struggle and Grow, or Decay and Die.

Recently we’ve been asked for a more explicit explanation of what we mean when we advocate (re-)founding a Civilization upon an understanding of Natural Law. We’ve also been queried regarding Darwin, evolution as “progress”, and all the rest, and the two subjects suit one another altogether too fittingly to pass up a chance for examining both tonight. For ease of exposition, we’ll begin following the second end of this labyrinthine thread first.

In Nature, we certainly witness ‘evolution’, a process of selection over time (either through reproduction or mere survival) in which species are adjudged ‘fit for existence’ on this planet. This basic statement is perfectly valid and sensible. It also, like many all-too-reasonable subversive feet-in-the-door, is the point of major divergence between the Left and the Sane.

According to Leftist doctrine, evolution is synonymous with “progress”, that Utopian (see last night’s post) myth of constant improvement, elevation, and enlightenment that has been used to justify the most unhuman and subanimal actions and beliefs in recorded history. Of course, from the viewpoint of Civilization, this “progress” is anything BUT improvement! Remember that the word progress has no value in itself, but only in relation to its destination. A casual survey of the flabby limbs, dysgenic features, and debatable parentage of the nearest gaggle of Leftists should explain in a single glance the general direction of their “progress”. The fact remains, though, that natural selection does not by default select ‘the best’ (remember that it is the Right’s conception of the Form of Truth that is also known as ‘the Good’) or the highest or the most intelligent – quite the opposite, evolution operates on an internal energetic economy that favours the basic, the uniform and meaningless, even the stupid, so long as they are prolific in propagating that species in general (remind you of anything, policy-wise?).

The incidence of intelligence – and especially consciousness – is something different altogether, for which the doctrines of evolution currently propounded cannot provide logical explanation, only elusive rationalizations hinging ultimately on (secular, as is fashionable) faith. Intelligence – and especially consciousness – perhaps the most inefficient, unrewarding course for naturally-selected evolution to take through what would be epochal spans of little, no, or negative feedback for all the metabolically costly transformations necessitated by a brain approaching one of ours. Like the Aryan myth of Προμηθεύς and his stealing ‘Fire’ from the divine existence, in a way the incidence of intelligence – and especially consciousness – is a great ‘rebellion’ against that part of Nature that would see us as animals, as material to be reabsorbed and recycled ad ꟾnfꟾnꟾtvm as the Anârya spiritualities and the mooing sentimentalities of páśus everywhere eagerly desire. A separation and distillation of Spirit from Matter, the main reason for its indignant condemnation by Leftists and others devoid of Spirit – as their Matter shows.

Seasoned readers will certainly have heard us speak favourably of Natural Law, and we do favour it, just as we favour a healthy economy: that is, as important in proper context, without necessarily being placed in precedence over higher things. Natural Law is the necessary foundation, it is the understanding of the physical that is necessary for an existence in this world with any chance of reaching Higher. However, you will have also heard us accompanying the mention of Natural Law with that of Spiritual Truth. Understanding of our world is one step of the pyramid. It must be taken, as a prerequisite to climbing higher for those of us without the stride of giants, but its true function and beauty lies – in its being a Bridge. Entropy and Gravity, too, are Natural Laws – and do we not seek to understand them principally that we may overcome them? In Natural Law are found the principles lending themselves to construction of a stable pyramid – this done, does not the Ascent of the pyramid rise counter to the Natural Law of Gravity by virtue of still other Laws? It is this Struggle for Ascent that characterizes the Right’s entire embrace, not of the Left’s idolization of the animal and subanimal, but of the divine and the Superhuman. Not of the Left’s “equality” in utopian páśudom, but of Hierarchy enabling Ascent. Not of the Left’s “individualism” tending more to regressive disintegration, but of meaningful individuation which dares to acknowledge Nature, understand it – and, ultimately, fulfill the promise and Destiny of our gravity-defying intelligence. And, especially, Consciousness.

Kiss the Earth Today;
Tomorrow We Ravish the Stars-

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