On Equal Orc-portunity

Originally posted 4 January 2017

‘You are equal to this, goyim…’

Speaking of orcs……

Precisely twenty-four hours after I remarked about the loss of sensibilities and the warrior spirit in Europa in the face of Saracen hordes, the barbarians inside our own American gates reveal themselves.

Live streamed on Facebook, a group of four savages kidnapped a white autistic boy, beat him, terrorized him, cut off his clothing, sliced him up, scalped him, injected him with what is probably heroin, and made him repeat racist, anti-white statements. This was made all the more heartless by the casual munching of snacks, and smoking of…..who knows.

Police action, to the extent that the sociopathic perpetrators were arrested and the boy was saved, given treatment, and released into the loving care of his parents, was swift. Unfortunately, at the subsequent press conference, a familiar, all too familiar, weakness crept through the words of the spokesman. Phrases like “troubled youths” were said. “Bad choices.” A softening of the raw horror shown to the public.

We are far from the desperate embers our European brothers are capable of mustering in their own defense, yet this weak wavering from those sworn to protect the public and uphold the law cannot be tolerated for even a second. These public servants, the prosecutors, sheriffs, even the beat cops, must be made to understand that merciless prosecution to the fullest extent of the law provides the only possible favorable outcome.

Europa has shown us what happens when one refuses to draw the sword in ones own defense. These brutal, psychopathic, anti-white attacks will no longer be tolerated. The line has been drawn. We must take the reins, before our entire carriage careens off a cliff.

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