On Thinking, & Being Thought To

Originally posted  29 November 2016

Gustave le Bon – not impressed with your fedora

Crowds are crowds, whether their vaunted idols are religious, material, or social. They may exhibit all the historically-blind conviction of flaunting all the right buzzwords and catchphrases of whatever fashion of the century (or decade; or year;  or whatever!), but for all the genuine thinking and searching through drive and sacrifice that they neglect in amassing fashionable idea-accessories, there is very little to separate them from the heretic-burning peasant mobs of their mediæval counterparts.

Take some time, when next you come across the familiar rhetoric of yet another “unique, free-thinking individual”, to really scrutinize the underlying situation, and what contributes to that within our particular time and place. Because we’ll certainly be talking about that later!

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