On Urban Life & Its Detriments

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on April 2, 2017.

Blood and Soil estranged can never give birth to the Folk-Soul

More, much more, and yet moreso through the last 70-odd years we have seen these words ring ever-truer in their grim implications. Leaderless save for Enemy-controlled leaders, directionless save for Enemy-derived direction, our wounded and poisoned People limps steadily to that materialist modern Moloch, the City.

They feel the lack of their Spirit they do not know by name, so they seek its replacement in self-destructive chemical indulgences and pseudo-religious epilepsies of the psyche. Likewise the imbalance of their breach from Tradition results in restless perturbation of Mind, and the neurotic’s fixation with an ever-escalating and always-insufficient amassing of distraction after distraction in their state of separation from Who They Are Supposed To Be. Even in the less subtle dimensions of the Body, the Enemy’s chief fixation and desired conquest, their lack of stability and direction from Mind and Spirit see them drifting ignorant and helpless to the will of unscrupulous manipulators until even their very physicality, the strength and potential of their sacred Blood, is subverted – (((compromised))).

And in the City, cut off from the sacred Soil that is the natural counterpart to our Blood in the makeup of our Spirit, our People grow less and less likely to find their way out of the Merchant’s Labyrinth. Instead of the Sun’s light, they have the concrete jungle’s shadows of ugly architecture and flawed lives. Instead of the Stars’ call, they have the neon illusions of maliciously deceptive wares and purposefully calculated mistruths. And instead of the constant, immediate, and True feedback of a life interacting with Nature – with Truth as it’s manifest on Our Earth – they live within the artifice of ignorance constituting the most elaborate and harmful yet of Mâyấ’s veils or Plato’s caves.


They, we, Need the face of the Sun, the promise of the Stars, the clean air and the unobscured wisdom of that Nature which is the heritage and birthright and Teacher of our Folk.

The City, like the Merchant that profits most from the whole scheme, is a blight and a tumour upon the face of Nature, and a diseased haven for the worst walking stillborns and rightful abortions that can only flourish in such a temporary insulation from Nature’s Justice. When that bubble bursts, when the delicate infrastructure of the (((internationalist commerce))) that keeps the Cities connected and supplied through urbanity’s tyranny of the superfluous is severed – do not be one of the oh-so-many too weakened and herd-conditioned to survive outside the fold.

NOW is the time to do your part for our Folk’s survival. Seek the Sun. Look to the Stars. Live within and listen to Nature. Build a farm, raise a family, network a tribe, resolve and train to defend yourselves from the windswept toxic subhuman waste of the meltdown. Our Future – our Destiny! – depends upon it.

& Spirit Thereof-

  •  Vəhrka

Note – please don’t be alarmed by the citation of Alfred Rosenberg, suspicious as the (((berg))) in his name, and the shared surname with the clearly Jewish Rosenbergs of Cold War treachery fame, is. Your suspicion does you credit, and the last thing I would wish would be for you to let your guard down when it comes to (((subversion))), so I encourage you all to look into it for yourselves. If perusal of the man’s facial phenotype, Aryan philosophy, and known family history convince you like us of his boná fidé ‘Europeanness’, you may be relieved to know of the Swedish clan surnamed Rosenberg, a branch of which settled in the Baltic lands from which Alfred Rosenberg’s more immediate parentage hailed. But please do cross-check us – it never hurts to be too stringent in Purity.


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  1. “They feel the lack of their Spirit they do not know by name, so they seek its replacement in self-destructive chemical indulgences and pseudo-religious epilepsies of the psyche”.

    Very well said! I have been through this many times, struggled with depression, alcoholism, self loathing.
    Thank you for another excellent reading.

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