On ‘Utopia’

Originally posted to Right Wing Philosophy on March 30, 2017.

Results of the Proletarian Dream: starvation and death

Falling into the phase of (((Enemy))) strategy in which our People are deprived of both Leadership and Direction healthy and germane to them, the tendency of the Left to buy votes of confidence (or, at least, of avarice) from those gratified by all the appearances and none of the realities of self-determination tends to present a rather glaring disparity between the utopia promised and the waste land delivered.

It’s not even just the utter childishness (and what does democracy embody better than the classic horror trope of a fickle and immature child suddenly come into awesome powers?) of such blatant lies as the Left supporting (or even liking) the People (the Left first advocated mere singular-People based government as a beginning to disintegration from the Imperivm ideal; next it advocated the dissolution of the concept People through an internationalized blurring of natural boundaries; now it advocates an end to such discriminations as are basic to standards of genuine humanity, the emphasis on its new vision of “people”).

Or that of the Left’s insistence on some magickal panacæa to the issues of commerce and scarcity within that merely economic/material sphere that is so central to the entire imbalanced worldview (well, to the merchant-centric worldview of the last great Leftist upheaval of our residual Civilization – the recent permutations of the Left point to nothing so obviously as the further involution to the level of the slaves and even of the outcastes). Or any number of other almost-laughably silly tenets of the Leftist faith, which our People through deprivation of Warriors and Sages have been all-too-easily deluded into accepting in naïve good faith. No, the really glaring root of this Problem’s existential threat to our noble Destiny lies implicitly unstated within the framing of the very questions it presumes to answer.

Yes, it is this very “ideal” of the Utopia that so betrays the completely Anârya nature of every stance by the Left on any thing that truly matters. Let’s, for the sake of argument, be somewhat distastefully generous to these “people” and assume here (contrary to all reason and to all of history) not only that the Left is actually capable of bringing about this well-snake-oiled patter, but willing to deliver on such promises rather than become the more brutally oppressive engine of Dissolution that consistent history indicates. Let’s just assume the Utopia actually arrives, this Enemy-promised (((heaven))) on Earth. What then?

Actually, that last comparison to the Judaic death-worship is not far off the mark at all. This debased obsession with “an easy life”‘ has nothing to do with Life. Utopia is not something even sought by those with the qualities that will make a Life for themselves through Struggle. Utopia – (((Heaven))) – is the ignoble dream of the weak wishing to slip away forever from the challenges of coherent being. It is the great slaves’ hymn of the great cotton-picking, the carrot held before the head of those beasts unable or unwilling to Struggle as Men. It is the most horrendous disservice to future generations, growing less and less fit for Life as they draw nearer and nearer to the “freedom from pain and hardship” promised with ingratiating hand-wringing by the deceitful merchants peddling the most deadly of their many toxic wares – the False Ideal.

The Right laughs scornfully at the ignoble idolization by the páśus of their Circean ‘free lunch’ of ease and sleep – instead, the Right opposes Death with Life, and embraces the challenges and responsibilities of Struggle and Awakening. The Right does not pretend to care about the People in order to sabotage and subvert them and their children into happily hymn-singing negritude over the course of generations – instead, the Right genuinely cares for the People by holding it to the standards befitting human beings: not Down but Up, not to the Subhuman but to the Superhuman Goal.

& Destiny-

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