Originally posted 13 May 2017

Nature is the spirit of Life; hateful is every force that would conspire to destroy Her

There is a misconception in faux right circles that care and concern for the environment, and love for animals is a distinctly left wing concept. This, of course, is completely ludicrous, as the True Right, being aligned with Natural Law, views Nature, rightfully, as the inheritance of the Volk, and to which the Volk will pass on to its children. The Right Wing person, being aligned with Natural Law, will see himself as part of this environment, and indeed, will see the care he has for Nature and for animals as a reflection of the care he has for himself.

What, then, of the Faux Right, and the Left?

The Faux Right, being selfish and individualistic at its core, sees nothing greater than itself. It is not part of any greater consciousness, and its adherents live only between birth and death. As such, to sell and enjoy ones inheritance bequeathed to you by hundreds of generations before you makes perfect sense! Their care for their environment, for animals, starts and ends with how exploitable it is! The beauty of an arresting sunset when viewed from atop the mountain overlooking a small town? Why not destroy that view that every citizen of that town has had for generations to build a subdivision and strip mall directly underneath it? Think of the location value! Think of the profits! The Return on Investment! The returns will be in the triple digits! The investors will be thrilled!

And there we have it. A rite of passage for every citizen of that town for generations, enjoyed by hundreds, by thousands, destroyed by one real estate developer interested in turning a quick profit, to make disgusting, cookie cutter homes in unappealing manners. Couples climbing the mountain to enjoy a first kiss at sunset. Groups of friends to spend a night under the stars. All of that dies with that subdivision. Monetization of an inheritance indeed. Thousands of generations more, enjoying that rite, sold for a few shekels.

What of the Left? We already know they don’t believe in inheritance (or, more appropriately, an inheritance is a privilege you should feel guilty for!), so where does their supposed love of nature, and for animals manifest from?

This supposed “love” of nature and for animals is not derived from respect, therefore is not actual love, but instead a perverse desire to turn Natural Law upon its head. They’ll commit to elective infanticide while crowing about carbon footprints (all the while, flying around in private jets). They’ll call an omnivorous diet “murder,” while an organization literally named “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” euthanizes strong, healthy, loving animals people would love to give a good home to.

They are not concerned with Nature and their inheritance and home, they are committed to turning Nature upon Mankind and separating ourselves from it. They are concerned with, as all things Leftist, separating and dividing Man against Nature, placing Nature over Man (as opposed to the Faux Right’s position of Man over Nature), rather than there being no distinction between the two.

As on other fronts, give the Left or the Faux Right no quarter in this. Nature is our inheritance and our legacy that we will in turn pass on. How we regard animals is a reflection of how we regard ourselves. A man who abuses Nature and animals is himself an Abuser. A man who is committed to turning Nature against Man is himself divided as he hates himself. Let these perversions exist not one second in your presence.


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